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Fine Dining Restaurant

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Restaurant Roles and Job Descriptions

Author: Monica Parpal

In any restaurant there are a multitude of roles and duties performed by the individuals in those roles. These job descriptions are intended for consultation when posting want ads or just for simply understanding the breakdown of labor in a typical restaurant.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Position Job Description
General Manager Responsibilities:
  • Oversees general restaurant operations
  • Oversees P&L statement
  • Manages both Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH)
  • Hires and manages staff
  • Works with Executive Chef on marketing initiatives
Other Requirements:
  • College degree typically preferred
  • Experience in food service
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership experience
Assistant General Manager   Responsibilities:
  • Oversees general restaurant operations when GM is absent
  • Assists with P&L statement
  • Assists with hiring and managing staff
  • Assists with ordering and keeping inventory
  • Often takes on management of the bar area
Other Requirements:
  • College degree typically preferred
  • Leadership qualities
  • Experience in food service work
Executive Chef Responsibilities:
  • Coordinates kitchen work
  • Creates recipes
  • Creates and adjusts menu
  • Monitors and controls food costs and inventory
  • Works with GM on marketing initiatives
  • Cooks food for large events or special occasions
Other Requirements:
  • Creativity
  • Culinary background
  • Management experience
Chef de Cuisine   Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for daily kitchen operations:
  • Directs and manages line cooks
  • Works with Chef to design recipes and create dishes
  • Assists with ordering food and keeping inventory
Other Requirements:
  • Culinary background
  • Leadership experience
Sous Chef Responsibilities:
  • Second to Chef de Cuisine
  • Runs the kitchen
  • Provides instruction and training to cooks and kitchen staff
Other Requirements:
  • Culinary background
  • Leadership experience
  Chef Garde Manger/ Chef de Froid Responsibilities:
  • Oversees pantry and prep work in kitchen
  • Directs and instructs pantry chef
  • Helps with garnishing and artistic elements during meal preparation
Other Requirements:
  • Culinary background
Pantry/Prep Cook Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for pantry organization
  • Prepares food in the kitchen
  • Cleans, cuts, stores and otherwise prepares food for cooking
  • Receives direction from chef, cook or pantry chef
Sommelier Responsibilities:
  • Educates patrons about wines
  • Suggests wines that are suitable for guests' meals
  • Orders and keeps inventory of wines
Other Requirements:
  • Has a broad knowledge of wine and food pairings
Expediter or "Expo"   Expediter or "Expo" Responsibilities:
  • Ensures kitchen orders are prepared in timely manner
  • Finalizes the presentation of each plate and ensures the appropriate temperature
  • Directs runners or servers to deliver complete orders
Line Cooks   Responsibilities:
  • Prepares food in the kitchen
  • Works one or more kitchen stations including grill, broil, or fry
  • Receives direction from chef or cook
Pastry Chef   Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for preparing dough, baked goods, baked desserts
  • Often works overnight or in early morning hours
Dishwasher   Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for maintaining dishwashing equipment
  • Dilutes chemicals for dish machines
  • Maintains clean dishes and other wares
  • Prevents bottlenecks in kitchen
Maitre D'   Responsibilities:
  • Ensures smooth communication between kitchen and dining room
  • Directs servers, runners, and oversees dining room experience
  • Enhances fine dining experience
  • Consults with GM and Executive Chef
Other Requirements:
  • Management experience needed
  • Knowledge of fine dining etiquette
Server   Responsibilities:
  • Attends to guests and takes orders
  • Offers information and suggestions about the menu
  • Prepares checks and collect payment
Other Requirements:
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to handle stressful situations
  • Respect and friendliness
Food Runner   Responsibilities:
  • Transports food from kitchen to dining room
  • Helps expedite orders
  • Communicates with servers
  • May help clear tables
Bartender   Responsibilities:
  • Takes drink orders through servers or directly from guests
  • Prepares mixed drinks, pour wine or beer, serve bottled or soft drinks
  • May be responsible for ordering and taking inventory
Other Requirements:
  • Positive attitude
  • Communicates with waitstaff
Hostess   Responsibilities:
  • Greets customers at the door
  • Assigns guests to tables
  • Provides menus to guests and cleans them afterward
  • May schedule reservations
  • Answers phone
Busser   Responsibilities:
  • Clears and cleans tables
  • Pours water for guests




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