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Telephone etiquette

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Functions of etiquette knowledge in people’s life.Everyday courtesies.Public proprieties.Etiquette and Rules of Behavior Etiquette for Personal Contact.

First of all I’ll give you the definition of etiquette.

E – a set of behavior rules. It is thoughtful behavior to people around us.

Etiquette is correct interpersonal behavior.

Etiquette plays important functions in people’s life:

First of all, it makes people feel more comfortable. Etiquette puts people around us at ease. It makes our life pleasanter and more relaxed for everyone.

As a result, it improves the quality of our life.

Etiquette is a set of rules prescribed ( established, formed, made) by society. So, we can say, that etiquette regulates the life of a society.

We can feel etiquette in everyday life looking at everyday courtesies.

Courtesies mean respect of other people, calm and polite relationships. Courtesies help to low stress in your everyday life and deal with (contact, interact) your colleagues, neighbors, relatives, friends.

Courtesies included public proprieties, manners between men and women, polite talks and so on.

For example, greetings. It is polite to greet all people you know and even if you know people very bad, or even know the name only.

In social transport it is polite to give seats for senior (older) citizens, disabled’s (инвалид) and passengers with children. It is very important not to disturb (bother) other passengers.

Smoking – is one part of public proprieties. It can be acceptable or unacceptable. People should always ask for permission or smoke in special areas.

When people visit public places such as cinema or theatre they should also follow the rules. If you are late, be calm, don’t bother other people and apologize.

In case if you want to sneeze or cough – you should have a handkerchief (tissue) . Try to do this insensibly.

It is also very important to follow etiquette rules in communication with friends and colleagues. It is not polite to argue. It is proper to keep calm and try to solve problem constructively (effectively) with respect to your partner.

It is unacceptable to spread gossips and lie.

It is very important to have good manners and respect in interpersonal contacts.

Low stress – снизитьстресс

Public proprieties – нормыприличия

Acceptable/unacceptable – доступны/недоступны

For permission – заразрешением

Sneeze and cough – чихикашель

Handkerchief – носовойплаток

Insensibly - незаметно

Arguing - спорить

Solve problem constructively – решитьпроблемуконструктивно

Protect – защищать


1) What are important items of etiquette? (

2) What are main rules of etiquette? ( punctuality, calm, politeness, good manners, respect)

3) Why is it important to observe etiquette?

Telephone etiquette.

Company, which cares about its image, should use the telephone etiquette. To make a good impression every employee should follow some advice.

1. Follow the intonation of your voice. Most of all people pay attention not to the words. They listen to the intonation. Also you should smile while talking, then the intonation will change and your client will feel that you’re smiling. Don’t talk too loudly or too quiet. Also adjust (подстраиваться) to the speed of client’s speech

2. Greet the caller. Greeting the client, you show that his call is important for you and you’re glad to see him. Don’t use words “Hello!”, “Yes!”, “Listen!”. It’s better to say “Good Morning”, “Good afternoon” and so on

3. Introduce yourself. After greeting you should introduce to caller and call your organization.

4. Answer the phone after the 2nd or the third ring maximum

5. You mustn’t interrupt. This is a sign of ignorance and you’ llmake a bad impression

6. Do not chew, drink or smoke while talking the phone

7. If you call the client, you should ask him, if he can talk to you. Asking this question, you show to other person manners, and that you appreciate (ценить) his time. Thus (темсамым) you position yourself in his eyes as a professional and make self-respect. In addition (ктомуже), each person has their own doings, and you could disturb the client.

8. Go to the point of the call as soon as possible. Don’t ask excess questions like that:

Well, what do you think about the weather?

What do you think about today's statement of our prime minister?

Did You saw yesterday in the news ...?

It tires the client.

9. Ending the conversation, you should say goodbye. This is necessary, because many employees put up, without even saying goodbye. This is the rudest mistake. Before you say goodbye to the caller, ask: "Can I answer to any question?“ and after it you can say goodbye and express your pleasure of communication with client.


cares about its image – заботитьсяобимидже

telephone etiquette – телефонныйэтикет

make a good (Bad) impression – создатьхорошеевпечатление

follow some advice – следоватьсоветам

adjustto – подстраиваться

Greet – приветствовать

Introduce – представляться

Interrupt – перебивать

Appreciate – ценить

make self-respect – создатьуважение

disturb – беспокоить

excess questions – лишниевопросы

employees – сотрудники

rude – грубый

express your pleasure – выразитьудовольствие

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