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Coming Soon – Strategic Estimate 2013

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Strategic Estimate is Khilafah.com's annual assessment of the global balance of power. We concluded in our previous assessment the US remained the world's superpower, however it had been over-stretched in both the wars it was engaged in after the events of 9/11, this led to a number of nations taking a more confident and in some cases a much more confrontational approach to the US in the different regions of the world.

In 2012 China confirmed what many American policy makers had long believed, that the nation has its sights set on the South China Sea. The year has seen an aggressive China utilising its military to expand its influence in its own region after decades of diplomacy and commerce.

The Arab spring in 2012 saw a number of developments with the initial euphoria giving way to victories for Islamic groups and then the reality of actually running a country. The brutal crackdown by the al-Assad regime in Syria gave way to a stalemate by the opposition. Strategic Estimate 2013 will analysis where the Arab spring stands on its second anniversary as the Muslim world attempts to re-shape its destiny.

The global economy in 2012 saw many of the world's premier economies go into a double dip recession. The world's largest economies have struggled with stimulating their national economies though policies of austerity and stimulus packages. The political fall-out from the global economic crisis dominated 2012 as a number of governments' domination of their national politics gave way to gains for more unorthodox political parties.

The global energy markets have been revolutionised by the developments in Shale oil and gas. Previous estimates on peak oil, global oil reserves and the dwindling new oil wells, have all now been revised as the development in technology has led to new more difficult reserves become assessable. Strategic estimate analysis what effect this will have on the global balance of power.

Iran once again made international headlines as Israel continued with its rhetoric for military strikes. Like previous years 2012 ended with no strikes but with the US-Israeli positions becoming more distanced from each other.

2012 once again ended with an Israeli military strikes against Palestine, Strategic estimate 2013 revisits the Palestinian issue and analysis where the various players currently stand and what the future holds.

Strategic estimate 2013 profiles the prospects of India as an upcoming nation and analyses it's challenges.

The geopolitics of energy is also assessed and some of the emerging trends will be analysed as well as there effects on the global balance of power.

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