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So, a city has its own pros and cons and we should decide where to live

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-Would you like to live in a little town? Why? .

Make up a dialogue.

You live in Moscow. You are leaving for St Petersburg this week. One of your friends live there. You tell your friend that you have only 3-4 days to stay in his city. Ask him/her about the hotels available, the cost, how to get there, how far they are from the centre.

My neighbourhood. The place I like to come back.

I live in the outskirts of Kazan in a block of flats. It is a grey 12-storey building. Our flat is on the second floor. I live with my parents, my little sister and a dog, Lucky by name. It is a three bedroom flat, rather comfortable. It faces south, so it is often sunny and light. I like the place where I live. In my neighbourhood you can find everything you need: a supermarket, a hospital, two cinema houses, several schools and kindergartens, a fitness centre and 2 libraries. Everything is quite close to me and easy to reach. Help is always at hand! The transport system is rather developed in my district. But sometimes public transport does not come on time. Usually it takes me about 45-50 minutes to get here from the centre of Kazan by underground. It is a bit far, I would say. What is more, the traffic is heavy in the rush hours and we lack parking places. Also there is no park to take my dog for a walk. Unfortunately all my friends live downtown, so we can meet only at weekends. It is a new district, there are no buildings of historical or architectural interest .

-Would you like to move to another district of Kazan?

-What do you think is needed to improve the climate in your neighbourhood?

Act out a dialogue.

Imagine you meet a passer-by who wants to get to the centre of Moscow. Explain him how to get there from your house. Ask him what place he needs, when he has to be there.

Comment on: " Home is where the heart is."


Sport is very popular all over the world. People play football and hockey in their yards, go swimming in the pool, go to a fitness centre to be fit. They cut out smoking, cut on drinking and eat healthy food. In my country winter sports are , to my mind, more famous than summer ones. Young children start skating and skiing when they are 3 or 4 years old. I joined the hockey club when I was 5. That sports centre was near my house, I attended it three times a week. I can say I liked hockey at the beginning, but later when I became older, I found it pretty hard . It took much of my time, so I gave it up. Today I feel that hockey taught me to be part of a team and it made my body more flexible. Later a friend of mine persuaded me to take up bungee-jumping. Though I am not a risk taker, I respect people who go to extremes. I tried it several times, but one day I injured my feet and had to stay in bed for two months. Now I don`t do any sports seriously, but I play table tennis regularly. I quite like it. They don`t often show table tennis on TV. Most of the time it`s football and basketball. I must say table tennis is a relaxing way to spend a few hours. I also like to watch on TV slalom, freestyle skiing, ski jumping and snowboarding. Many teenagers go snowboarding , they find it cheerful and encouraging. So, there can`t be any reasons to prevent you playing sports . Go out and do it.

-What do people do to be fit?

-Do young people try extreme sports for the thrill and excitement? Is it reasonable?

-Do you like PT lessons? Why, Why not?

-Do you take part in any sports activities at your school? What was it? Did you enjoy it?

-One should have certain features of character to take up sport. Do you agree? Which ones?

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