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S. Dali “ Woman’s figure at the window”

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  1. A) Read the following text to figure out the author's approach to foreign-lan- guage teaching. Do you think there is such a problem?
  2. Some Facts and Figures

In the picture “ Woman’s figure at the window” Anna-Maria, a younger Dali’s sister, is represented standing at the open window, resting her elbows on a window-sill and admiring by an opening view.

Dali thoroughly portrays the fair curls of the hair, clothes’ and curtains’ folds.The painter consciously reduced a colour scheme to blue, green and white, reflecting the sky and the water.

Dali skillfully renders the atmosphere of the sea-breeze on a bright sunny day. The seashore, waves, trees and heavens are depicted in the manner of the ordinary marine and could have become its part, if they didn’t open “through the window”. The window symbolizes a transition from the material world to the world of dreams.

The contrast of the dull colours of the walls and the floor with a blazing surface of the waves, a golden colour of the sand and the light heavens- emphasizes Anna-Maria’s state of thoughtfulness and careful watching.




Pierre Auguste Renoir “Camilla with her son Jan in the garden”, 1874


In the picture Monet’s first wife with their 7-year old son Jan are portrayed in the painter’s garden. The history of the painting is rather interesting. When Renoir came to Monet’s place he found Manet working while the rest were posing to him. The scene appealed to Renoir so much that he wished to create the same motif. After Manet had seen Renoir’s work, he got dissatisfied and said that Renoir had no talent at all. Probably, that was connected with unexpectedly bold Renoir’s brushing which is clearly seen in the picture. He executed this pierced with light portrait in rash brushwork. In the foreground one can see a young woman in white holding a fan in the right hand and resting her chin on the left one. She is thoughtful and sophisticated. The hat makes her elegant. Monet’s son is comfortably placed on the mother’s left side. He is shown with his right leg knee-bent and looks satisfied. The artist used sweeping strokes when painting the boy’s clothes. The figures are posed against the green grass. Just behind them there is depicted a trunk of the tree. A cock is shown in such a way as if it is watching what is going on. The picture is a portrait against the nature background.



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