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Which of them is NOT correct about Dialect words?

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a) Regional form of words

b) Sound changes

c) Word changes

d) Nothing changes

e) Meaning changes


8. Derivation, …

a) Is word building

b) Finding the new meanings for the old words

c) Inflection

d) no correct answer

e) Producing new words by using the process of affixation


9. The Archaic words, …

a) Completely lost words

b) None of them-service

c) in use words

d) Can be seen in historical novels


Which one is NOT among the lexicological problems?

a) semantic

b) word-building

c) context

d) sound system


Which categories of parts of speech are especially affected by conversion?

a) Noun-adjective c) verb-adverb

b) Noun-verb d) verb-adjective


What do we call words made by the process of composition?

a) Complex words

b) Derived words

c) Compound words

d) Inflected words


13. Lexicology is the, …

a) Scientific study of meaning

b) Scientific study of language

c) All of them

d) Scientific study of sound of words

e) None of them


14. In idiomatic words there is, …

a) Partial relationship between the semantical and morphological structures of the compound words

b) No relationship between the semantical and morphological structures of the compound words input-process-output

c) Complete relationship between the semantical and morphological structures of the compound words

d) No correct answer


15. Which group of words are the formal words in;

a) Colloquial words. b) Dialect words

c) Slang words. c) Basic words

e) None of them


What do we understand by etymological doublets?

a) Synonyms b) homonyms c) ambiguity

d) Polysemy e) none of them


17. Informal words are used, …

a) In family b) At work c) In office d) In banks.


18. Denotative Components of words are, …

a) Second meaning of a word

b) Third meaning of a word

c) Bare meaning of a word

d) Opposite meaning of a word


19. Susceptibility of grammatical employment of a word is; …

a) Semantical changeability

b) Functional changeability

c) Phonological changeability

d) Morphological changeability

e) All of them


20. Connotative Components of words are, …

a) Basic meaning of a word

b) First meaning of a word

c) Bare meaning of a word

d) Situational meaning of a word


21. Internal structure of a word is; …

a) Its sound

b) It body

c) Its meaning

d) Its grammatical structure


Which one is NOT among the functions of Euphemism?

a) To use the language rhetorically

b) To use the round about way of the language

c) To avoid of saying the direct names of threatening things

d) To avoid of saying the annoying and offensive words

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