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Interpersonal Business Etiquette. Why is Etiquette important in Business. Main principles and rules

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Etiquette plays a major (important) role in the business world today. Business etiquette is a set of rules and standards of behavior between business people and their partners. It is ethical and social acceptable behavior in professional sphere.

An employee is a face of a company. He or she must be friendly, polite, has good and clear speech, good dress. He must have good manners and address people correctly.

Some principles are very important for business world. Some of them are very general, for example, to be punctual, tactful, to control your emotions. But a number of them are very special:

1) It is very significant to do your work on (in) time.

2) It is necessary to be concentrated on your work: not to talk much, not to talk about personal life, always control yourself.

3) People should be friendly and helpful with their colleagues.

4) In some companies dress code is very important.


And of course, we should know protocol rules. A protocolis a set of rules which people follow in some business activities ( meetings, dinners, negotiations).The main topics of protocol are (the following):

visits and introductions, invitation (formal, informal) official entertaining(formal dinners, seating arrangements, formalreception), ceremonies, proper dressing, small talks and many others.

Types of protocol can be different: international, diplomatic, state, political, military, academic, religious, social.

Protocol is present in every culture. If people communicate (work) with foreign colleagues, they should know their rules and protocol as well, because in this way you show your respect to the partner.


1) How is business etiquette different from a social one? Business etiquette is a set of rules for professional sphere, business life and social etiquette is a set of standards for everyday life.

2) Name some rules which are specific or acceptable for business life? For example, the rule to have a business card or how to exchange business cards.

3) What do your know about protocol differences in other cultures?For example, Korean businessmen can tell their partners about their families, which is unacceptable for Americans. Or, Japanese businessmen hold their business card with two hands when giving it to their partners. It is not very important for the Westerns, but very significant for people from Asia.

Apply the techniques required to build and project a professional image through professional behaviour. Describe appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in a range of workplace settings.What is personal Branding.


Etiquette plays a major role in the business world today. Good manners in the workplace are valued. Professional behavioris based on the norms and rules of conductrelating(connected with) to a particularprofession. That is why the professional behavior of different occupationscan differ from each other.

Professionals should follow some general rules of behavior.

1. Good employees always remember that a client is the most important person. So if he/she comes into the office a manager should put aside the work (stop working) and invite him to sit in a comfortable place. It is not acceptable to talk over the telephone when speaking to a client. It is very important to know that other people must be introducedto the client.Imagine the situation,I am speaking with my client Mr. Brown when our director comes into the office. Then, I will say, “Mr. Brown, let me introduce our director”.

2. We know that clothing is never neutral. People judge you and make impression. Employees should besuitably dressed for the occasion. It is not proper to wear casual clothes for special businessdinners or negotiations.Some companiesrequire dress-code for their employees.

3. Dealing with colleagues, it is important to follow some basic principals: mutual respect (trust), cooperation, commitment, self-respect and other. It is not acceptable to be rude or unhelpful at the working place.

4. Besides some common rules of behavior there is a corporate culture and everybody must obey (follow, observe)the rules of the company.

Being a professional in your field takes more than doing your work well. It is important to reach the successamong professionals in your work. Now we can speak about professional branding.Professional Branding is the process where people and their careers are considered as brands. It is the creation of an image that refers to a particular person; this includes behaviour, manners, body, clothing, appearance and knowledge, leading to an common impression of a person as a professional.

A good personal brand or professional image has a favorable (positive) impression on customers,it helps to run business successfully.

1) How can the professional behavior be different?

For example some professions require to be very strict and critical, for example, policeman or a judge and for other professions it is important to be patient, tolerant, understanding, for example a doctor or teacher.

2) Give the examples of an inappropriate behavior for a tourist manager?

For example, a tourism manager should be very attentive, but he shouldn’t impose his opinion to a client. He shouldn’t be reserved.

Behavior (conduct) – поведение

put aside – отложить

to be suitably dressed – бытьподходящеодетым

corporateculture – корпоративная культура

obeytherules – подчиняться правилам

5.Describe general Netiquette Rules. Which of them are especially important? Telephone etiquette. Main aims and rules.

We can’t imagine our work without communication through (on) the Internet. It is a specific type of communication which requires some definite rules. Of course, general rules of etiquette can be applied to it, for example: being polite, positive, helpful is very essential. But it also requires specific norms of behaviour. That’s why special set of rules was developed that is called netiquette.

Netiquette is a social and moral code of the Internet, it is internet manners people should follow when communicating on-line. (Internet manners people should follow when communicating on-line).

Usually every company has a special policy or guidelines how to use the internet.

First of all, remember about the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.( you would like people would treat you)

The important rule is to use correct language and spelling.

One more important rule is not to copy the works of others without their permission. You should cite the work.

Also, the company which cares about its image, should use the telephone etiquette. There are special rules and advice to follow:

1. It is important to greet the caller kindly. It’s better to say “Good Morning”, “Good afternoon” and so on

2.Then people should introduce and call the name of organization.

3. It is a good rule to answer the phone after the second or the third ring maximum.

4. It is not polite to interrupt.

5. It is recommended not to do other things while talking the phone.

6. It is important to go to the point and appreciate (value) the time of your client.

7. When saying goodbuy, an employee should say to a caller that he is very important for the company.

Every company should remember that netiquette and telephone rules are the face of the company and its successful image depends on it.

1) Why is netiquette so important nowadays?

We can’t imagine our life without Internet. Business communication is also based on the Internet.


cares about its image – заботитьсяобимидже

telephone etiquette – телефонныйэтикет

make a good (Bad) impression – создатьхорошеевпечатление

followsomeadvice – следоватьсоветам

Greet – приветствовать

Introduce – представляться

Interrupt – перебивать

Appreciate – ценить

employees – сотрудники

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