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Travelling in Spain

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Two 1)_____ were travelling America

in Spain.

One morning they entered a little restaurant for lunch. They knew no Spanish words, however,

and the waiter 2)____ English. not know

So they tried to make him understand that they wanted some milk and sandwiches.

At 3)_____ they pronounced one

the word «milk» many times. Then they spelled it. But the ' waiter still could not understand.

At last one of them took a piece
of paper and began to draw a cow.
While he 4)________ , the waiter draw

looked at the picture and ran out of the restaurant.

"You see", said the 5)_____ travel

who had drawn the cow, "what
pencil can do for a man who has
6)_____ in a foreign country." difficult

After some time the waiter was back, but he brought no milk. He put down on the table in front of

the two 7)____ two tickets for a man




3. Прочитайте текст. Выберите ответ (а—d) по смыс­лу. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

Sherlock Holmes camping trip. 1)

and Dr. Watson went on a a good meal and a bottle of

wine they set up their tent and went to sleep. Some
hours 2)____ :_, Holmes awoke his friend.

"Watson, look up 3)____ the sky and tell me

what you see," he said.

"I see millions and millions of stars," Watson replied.

"What does that tell you?"

Watson 4)____ for a minute and said:

"Astronomically (с астрономической точки

зрения), it tells me that there 5)___ millions of

galaxies and billions of planets. Theologically (c богословской точки зрения) I can see that God is all-powerful and that we are small and unimpor-

tant. Meteorologically, I suspect (подозревать)

that we 6)____ a beautiful day tomorrow. What

does it tell you?"

Holmes was silent for a moment, then said:
"Watson, you idiot. Somebody 7)___ our tent".

b) Before -b)latest b) at b)thinks b) was b) have b)had stolen
c) During c)later c) into c) think c) is c) are having c) steals
d) Among d)latter d)-d) was thinking d) are d)had d) has stolen

1. a) After

2. a) late

3. a) on

4. a) thought

5. a) were

6. a) will have

7. a) is





Вы получили письмо от Фреда, вашего друга по пере­писке. Прочитайте отрывок из его письма, напишите ему и ответьте на его вопросы. Объем письма должен соста­вить 70—90 слов, включая артикли и предлоги. Не за­будьте о правилах написания писем.

... I find the Internet really useful with my schoolwork and catching up with friends... plus chat rooms are a great way of making friends in different countries. But I don't write where I live, except maybe the city. And I don't give out my name, phone number, my address, anything personal that would let people contact me anywhere except online.

Which information do you give about yourself? Do you think it's safe to put your picture on the In; ternet? What do you think about «internet dating»?


1. Give a talk about the people you admire. Remember
to say:

— if you know any famous people from the past
of your country/other countries;

— if you remember why they became well-

— if there are any modern people who have the
same fame;

— what you like/dislike about them;

— whose example you would like to follow;

— if you think it's easy to be famous;

— if you would like to become famous;

— if you admire any people living around you.

2. You are talking to your friend you've met at the
swimming pool. Remember to ask:

— when he/she started going in for swimming;

— why he/she prefers swimming to other kinds
of sport;

— if he/she has ever tried other l^inds of water
sports (surfing, windsurfing, water skiing

— when and where he/she began doing it;

— if this kind of sport helps him/her to develop
his/her character;

— what changes of the character he/she feels
now; '

— what his/her relatives and friends think of
these changes;

— if it's worth following his/her example.


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