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Computers in our life

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Our life would be boring without computers. It is a part of our life whether we like it or not.

It’s hard to believe that one device can provide people with entertainment, news, education, music. With the appearance of computer many things have lost their importance. People don’t watch TV anymore; don’t go to the cinema very often. They don’t listen to the radio, CD- or MP3-player. They’ve stopped buying newspapers and magazines. Many have taken online classes. Moreover, computers and Internet have become an important part of every family.

Computer is a powerful tool. It helps to create colourful presentations, to calculate large numbers, to write articles, to save and edit photos, to keep documentation and, of course, to surf the web.

Internet is the main stream of information nowadays. It informs us, entertains and educates. We find everyday news online, educational resources, films, music, games

However, computers have certain disadvantages. First of all, there is too much violence online, as well as aggressive pictures and irrelevant information. All this can lead to different problems. Secondly, Internet is a free space, where personal information can easily be stolen. So, people should be aware of what they are posting or downloading. Thirdly, computers have turned people into passive creatures. They can spend hours in front of the monitors, which results into poor eyesight and other health problems.

In conclusion, I’d like to add that computers are good. If you use them wisely, then they can make our life better.




1. With what things can computer provide people?

2. What things have lost their importance?

3. What can people do with the help of computers?

4. What is the Internet?

5. What do people use the Internet for?

6. What disadvantages do computers have?



There are nine planets in our Solar System. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

The Sun is a ball of a super-hot gas. Planets produce no light. So they get the light and warmth from the Sun.

We live on Earth. Millions of years ago swirling mass revolved around the Sun. Then it made a ball of super-hot gases. Later the Earth cooled down and formed a crust. Sometimes hot gases cracked the surface. So it formed mountains and deep trenches.

The Earth became cooler and great clouds of vapour fell as rain and formed oceans, sees, rivers and lakes.

ISS is the International Space station. Up to eight astronauts live there. They check scientific experiments, work in their laboratories and study space. They live in special living areas and sleep in special sleeping compartments. Their beds are fixed to the walls because they live in weightless conditions and everything is floating here. They eat normal food. They don’t eat salt or pepper, because it flies away. Usually astronauts wear T-shirts, trousers or shorts. When they go outside the station, they wear special space suits with enough oxygen for 8 hours. Every day one of the crew does the housework, because it is important to keep the station clean. On the station they get solar energy and recycle water and air. But they do not produce food. Space shuttle brings them food from the Earth.


1. How many planets are there in our Solar System? Name them.

2. What is the Sun?

3. What is the name of our planet?

4. How was the Earth formed?

Extra questions: What is the ISS? What do astronauts do there? What do they eat? What do they wear? How do they get energy, water, air, food?


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