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Alternative Hotel Ratings and Categories

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Apart from “star system” there is an alternative classification of hotels. It is mostly spread in the USA (there are no “star” hotels) and also in some other countries.

Superior Deluxe Exclusive and expensive hotel often built as palace. It provides high class services, accommodation and facilities. It has elegant and beautiful public rooms and areas. It is situated in prestige area. The hotels of such category are the best hotels in the world.
Deluxe Such hotels are similar to Superior Deluxe hotels, but they are not so huge and they offer more reasonable prices. These hotels are suitable even for very exacting clients.
Moderate Deluxe Moderate Deluxe hotels are mainly similar to the previous class hotel but they have a number of disadvantages. Sometimes decoration and design are not as gorgeous as in Deluxe. It is sometimes happens that hotel meets all the requirements of high-class hotel: it is famous and gorgeous, it is situated in a convenient area and provides high class services but it obtained Moderate Deluxe class because of the previous reputation. It is not advisable to set up hotel of low or middle category and then to improve service or make redecoration. Such hotel would not obtain higher class because it is necessary to build new high class hotel that comply with the standards of its future class. It is also happening that some modern hotels are aimed at business clients (business trips, seminars, conferences). Such clients are provided with the best conditions for their work but at the same time hotel looses the atmosphere of stylishness and individual-oriented service.
Superior First Class Above the middle class hotel. Sometimes it is redecorated old building but more often it is well-equipped modern hotel specially designed as first class hotel. It has some quality peculiarities. Rooms and public areas are comfortable and well-equipped. If such hotel is commercial it likely to have an inrush of tourists. It is the most suitable type of hotel for upper-middle class clients. Exacting clients will also find it satisfying.
First Class Comfortable hotel with standard rooms, entertainment and public areas. It can have the whole floor or flank with suits. Such hotels are the best choice for middle-class clients. They are the most suitable for group of tourists.
Limited-Service First Class It is First Class hotel but with limited extra services (e.g. there is no twenty-four-hour room service) and public areas. Breakfast is often served in small informal cafe in the hotel; cocktails are served in its hall. Sometimes there is no full board (lunch and dinner). It is the best type of hotel for business trips and self-organized individual trips.
Moderate First Class Actually, it is First Class hotel with small poorly equipped but comfortable rooms. Sometimes there is lack of number of services (e.g. restaurant). It is the best choice for clients that eager to save money.
Superior Tourist Class Room & Board but in very good condition. Rooms render comprehensive range of facilities, plain furnished but very cosy. Some rooms meet the requirements of First Class. Public area can be very small but sometimes there is no public area at all. Such type of hotels is very popular and can satisfy the needs of individual tourists.
Tourist Class Room & Board. For unpretentious clients. Rooms render all standard facilities.
Moderate Tourist Class Low budget R&B. Often very old and out of condition. It is provided for tourists as the last resort when there is nothing else left. Clients are to be informed about the future facilities. Rooms render minimum facilities (toilet/shower/wash basin).
Неклассифицированные Unclassified hotels are not only very bad hotels but often it is private hotels, with cosy and clean rooms. It is the choice both for tourists who eager to save money and for middle class clients. Such hotels are often situated in small ski resorts.


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