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The Internet technology was created by Vinton Cerf in the early 1973 as part of a project headed by Robert Kahn and conducted by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, part of the United States Department of De­fence. Later Cerf made many efforts to build and stand­ardise the Internet. In 1984 the technology and the net­work were turned over to the private sector and to gov­ernment scientific agencies for further development. The growth has continued exponentially. Service-provider companies that make «gateways» to the Internet avail­able to home and business users enter the market in ever-increasing numbers. By early 1995, access was available in 180 countries and more than 30 million users used the Internet. The Internet and its technology continue to have a profound effect in promoting the exchange of in­formation, making possible rapid transactions among businesses, and supporting global collaboration among individuals and organizations. More than 100 million computers are connected via the global Internet in 2000, and even more are attached to enterprise internets. The development of the World Wide Web leads to the rapid introduction of new business tools and activities that may lead to annual business transactions on the Internet worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

All sorts of things are available on the WWW. One can use Internet for recreational purposes. Many TV and radio stations broadcast live on the WWW. Essentially, if something can be put into digital format and stored in a computer, then it's available on the WWW. You can even visit museums, gardens, cities throughout the world, learn foreign languages and meet new friends. And, of course, you can play computer games through WWW, competing with partners from other countries and continents. Just a little bit of exploring the World Wide Web will show you what a lot of use and fun it is.



До выполнения контрольного задания №2 рекомендуется проработать разделы:1. Страдательный залог. 2. Модальные глаголы. 3.Функции причастия I и причастия 4. Сложноподчиненные предложения с различными видами придаточных предложений.


Вариант 1

I. Active vocabulary:

аnimal husbandry ─ животноводство

сattle-breeding ─ скотоводство

sheep-rearing ─ овцеводство

hog-growing ─ свиноводство

poultry-breeding ─ птицеводство

increasing – увеличение

the head of cattle ─ поголовье скота

heifers and calves ─ телята

mangle ─ кормовая свекла

alfalfa ─ люцерна

clover ─ клевер

mutton ─ баранина

domestic fowl ─ домашняя птица

stomach ─ желудок


1.Переведите текст “Animal Husbandry”

Animal husbandry comprises сattle-breeding, sheep-rearing, hog-growing, poultry- breeding, etc.

Cattle breeding on a scientific scale is not only aimed at improving the breed, but also at increasing the head of cattle. The farm rearing heifers and calves is a rich farm. The main problem in сattle-breeding is to choose the necessary feeds, rich enough in protein content and other nutrient substances. Special crops are grown for feeding cattle. They are mangle, alfalfa, clover, linseed, and some others.

As a rule dairy products (milk, butter, cream, sour cream) are processed on the farm. Big meat-packing plants are engaged in curing, smoking, corning and caning of meat.

Sheep are mainly bread for their meat. There are two types of sheep-breeding: for wool and for mutton. We can also speak about the wool-mutton breed.

Flocks grazing on well established pasturages, semi-deserts and even on dry grazing land supply people with wool, cheese, mutton.

Hog-breeding quickly yields returns and gives various foodstuffs derived from pork: bacon, lard, ham, sausage, tinned (canned) pork. Pig has a small stomach consuming food in concentrated form. The daily ration of a pig should be composed of feeds with a definite proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Poultry-farming deals with breeding of domestic fowl: hens, geese, ducks, turkeys. Poultry is bred for meat, feathers and eggs. The modern poultry industry producing eggs includes the use of specially bred birds, highly specialized feeds together with new housing and management technique.


II. Найдите английские эквиваленты для следующих слов и словосочетаний:

на научной основе, нацелено на, выбирать необходимые корма, молочные продукты, обрабатываются, заводы, перерабатывающие мясо, шерстяной и мясной породы, стада, дневной рацион.


III. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту:

What does animal husbandry comprise?

What is cattle breeding aimed at?

What is the main problem in cattle-breeding?

Where are flocks grazing?

What is derived from pork?

Pig has a small stomach, doesn’t it?

What does poultry-farming deal with?

IV. Прочтите текст еще раз и согласитесь или не согласитесь со следующими утверждениями:

1. Mangle, alfalfa, clover are special crops for feeding cattle.

2. Flocks can not graze on dry grazing land.

3. Poultry-farming deals with breeding of hog-growing.

4. A nimal husbandry comprises only sheep-rearing.

5. The farm rearing many heifers and calves is a rich farm.

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