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Describe someone in your family who you really admire

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You should say:

What relation this person is to you?

What are your first memories of this person?

How often do you see this person?

Explain why do you admire this person?

Follow-up questions:

What are the values of family in your country?

How family bonding is necessary for happiness in life?

What type of family do you like? Nuclear family or joint family?

How family value and bonding have changed over the last decade?

Speak about yourself. You may use the model given below:

Let me introduce myself. My name is.... My surname is …. I was born on the … of … in 19…. I am seventeen (sixteen/ eighteen) years old. I live in (at) …. It is the nicest city (town/ village) situated on the Volga river.


Now I am a first-year full-time student at the Faculty of Mathematics, Information Technology and Physics (Natural sciences and geography/ History and Law/ Economics and Management/ Philology/ Foreign Languages/ Psychology and Social Work/ Physical Training/ Technology and Services/ Primary School Education/ Special Education/ Visual Arts/ Musical Education) of the Volgograd State Pedagogical University. I am going to be a teacher (a lawyer/ a singer/ a painter/ a computer programmer/ a manager/ a fashion designer/ a speech therapist). I like my future profession and I am going to do my best to become a good specialist.

Some months/ years ago I passed my final exams at school. I did well (not very well) at school. My favourite subjects at school were … and …. I also enjoyed lessons of ….

Let me describe my appearance. I am tall (not very tall/ short/ middle-sized) and thin (not very thin/ slim/ rather plump). I’ve got large (small) blue (hazel/ black/ grey) eyes. My hair is black (fair/ dark/ blond/ chestnut), straight (curly) and long (short / not very long).

Now a few words about my character and interests. My friends say that I’m sociable, helpful and cheerful (kind/ fair/ honest/ sincere/ friendly). I am fond of reading (drawing/ sewing/ knitting/ cooking/ gardening) and playing computer games (dancing/ listening to music/ playing the guitar/ collecting coins). My favourite sport is football (volleyball/ swimming/ tennis/ ping-pong/ hockey). My friends and I often get together to play different games, to go for a walk or to the disco or simply to talk.

I’d like to tell you about my family. It is large (small/ not very large) and very friendly. We are the family of seven (two/ three/ four/ five/ six): my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my sister, my brother (husband/ wife/ daughter/ son/ children) and I. We love each other very much and always try to help each other and to spend as much time together as we can. I’ve got a lot of friends too.

My mother's name is … She is … years old. She is a teacher (a doctor/ a nurse/ a dentist/ a shop assistant/ a dressmaker/ a hairdresser/ an accountant/ a cashier/ a housewife). She is a very nice, kind and clever woman.

My father's name is... He is... years old. He is a worker (an engineer/ a bus driver/ a fitter/ a welder/ a manager/ a businessman). He is rather tall and strong. He is a man of strong character - and all of us love him very much.

My grandmother's name is... She is... years old. She does not work now, she is a pensioner, but she has a lot of work to do about the house. All of us try to help her.

My grandfather's name is... He is... years old. He is a pensioner too.

My brother and sister are students (pupils). Their names are... They are older (younger) than me.

We are a very good family. We love each other very much. In the evenings, when all the members of our family get together after work and study, we like to watch TV, to read books and newspapers, to talk about different things and to discuss all our problems together. When the weather is good we sometimes go for a walk. We’ve got a small (large) house (flat/ cottage) in the country (city/ town) with a garden and a kitchen-garden. There is much work there and on week-ends we go there and work and have a rest all together.


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