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Ask questions to the text. Let your classmates answer them

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Just for fun

1. Check these words:

hear of, epic goal, mission, in mind, donate, branch, animal charity, there's no point in, ferals, bright idea, award.

Read the title of the text and look at the picture. What kind of hobby is the text about?




People collect all kinds of things, like stamps, old coins, seashells, dolls, and antiques. But have you ever heard of anyone who collects cat food? Well, meet the lady who actually does – Miss Ella Christopher, the 'cat woman' of Dorset, England.

Six years ago Ella Christopher set herself an epic goal – she decided to collect a can of cat food for every day of the first fifty years or her life. The total number of cans came to 18,262. That's a lot of cat food! But Ella didn’t collect cat food just to keep at home; she had a more serious mission in mind. Ella donated all the cans of cat food to her local branch of Cats Protection, a national animal charity. That means all the cats without homes in Ella's local area will have a free meal!

Ella's hobby has saved the charity about £ 10,000 in cat food. But how did she manage to collect so many cans? Ella asked her friends and family to donate cat food to add her collection. ‟I did it instead of getting birthday presents and Christmas presents, because when you get older there's no point in having loads of things. My neighbors call me the cat woman because they see all the cans going in and out.”

Mr. Frank Mitchell from Cats Protection says, ‟Each day, our charity feeds about 60 cats in the area”. Frank thinks Ella's donation is amazing. ‟It has saved this branch a lot of money”, he says; ‟certainly the feral cats wouldn’t survive without it”.

Ella, who lives with two cats of her own, Cybil and Wizzy, has won the Cats Protection Bright Ideas Award and plans to continue her cat food collection. ‟The next step will be to get 3,650 cans by the time I'm 60!” she says.


3. Use words from the Check these words task in the correct form to complete the sentences:


1. A lot of people __________ money to charity.

2. You can find a local __________ of your favorite charity by looking in the phonebook.

3. Ella's __________ is to help as many cats as possible.

4. Ella's collection was so helpful to the cat charity that she won an __________.

5. Now Ella has the __________ to collect of 3,650 cans by the time she is 60.


What impressed you the most in the text? In three minutes write a few sentences. Tell the group.

Project work

Make the presentation in Power Point. You may choose the following topics:

1. My favourite pastime.

2. My hobby.

3. A hobby and a future profession.


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