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Answer the questions. 1. What is very important part of Dan’s life?

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1. What is very important part of Dan’s life?

2. What subject is an important subject in every school and University?

3. How long has Dan been playing tennis?

4. What does Dan do to be in a good shape?

5. What does Dan think about people who go in for sports?

6. What is his favorite proverb?



Lisa’s hobby

Different people spend their spare time in different ways, in other words different people have different hobbies. I think the most popular kind of hobbies is collecting. People collect coins, stamps, calendars, postcards, toys, boxes, stones, records, celebrity’s autographs and other stuff.

My hobby is collecting dolls in national costumes. I started my hobby ten years ago when my parents gave me a Japanese doll as a birthday gift.

Then my uncle two years later presented me a doll in a Chinese costume.

Since that time I have been collecting them. Knowing my hobby my friends and relatives always give me national dolls as birthday or Christmas presents.

My collection is not big yet; I’ve got only 36 dolls. I have the dolls from India, Russia, Moldavia, Africa, France and other countries. Last year I was in Scotland and I bought there a doll in national Scottish costume. I like my hobby and my dolls.

They help me learn more about the countries they are from, about the history of costumes. I can follow the changes that took place in the development of national costumes in different countries. Now I try to read more about the history of national costumes.

Besides the collection of dolls, I’ve got many books and postcards. Very often our hobbies help us in choosing our future profession. This is just in my case. I have decided to become a costume designer and I’m sure that my collection of dolls, books and postcards will help me.


collecting - собирать коллекцию

celebrity’s autographs - автографы знаменитостей

costume designer - дизайнер – костюмер

Answer the questions.

1. What is Lisa’s hobby?

2. How did Lisa start her hobby?

3. How big is Lisa’s collection?

4. What did Lisa get in Scotland?

5. How does her hobby help her in her life?

6. What have she decided to become?

Sasha’s hobby

I’m always busy and I don’t have much time to spare. I am free only on weekends. A few years ago I was fond of collecting stamps. My mother was collecting stamps when she was young.

When I was five years old my mother gave me six albums of stamps. Then I continued collecting stamps. By collecting my stamps I learned about other countries, traditions, flora and fauna.

I am also fond of music and I like rock music, pop music, and classical music.

I collect compact discs of my favorite bands and singers.

I try to find out everything about bands and singers I like. I read a lot of music magazines, search the Internet and never miss MTV shows.

I think almost everyone collects something at some period of his life. My sister is collecting movies with Leonardo Di Caprio starring.

My father’s hobby is fishing. My mother likes gardening. Since I got my own computer my new hobby is computer and computer games. I spend all my free time with it. I buy new program disks and try them on my computer.

No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has the opportunity of learning from it. Learning things can be the most exciting aspect of a hobby.


gardening - садоводство


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