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IV. Speak about your point of view. Do you think if it easy to be Queen or King? Would you like to be Queen or King and why?

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  9. Agree or disagree with the following statements, using the strategies of speaking. Give additional information to prove your agreement or disagreement. Use the model.
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  11. Consider the following points. Share your ideas with a partner or a small group. Be prepared to explain your answers to the class.
  12. Consider the following points. Share your ideas with a partner or a small group. Be prepared to explain your answers to the class.

V. Listen to the text “Princess Diana”

,, A light has gone out on Earth -

and a new star shines brightly in the Heaven,,

Chris de Burgh

Diana Spencer was born on the first of July 1961 in Sandrinham in England. She had two older sisters and a younger brother. In childhood she liked swimming, running and dancing. She wanted to become a dancer.

Diana became princess when Prince Charles asked her to be his wife. They got married. For the first time they seemed to be a happy couple but Diana wasn't happy at all. They had two sons prince William and prince Harry. Diana felt depression about her marriage because her husband didn't understand her in many ways. Why was she so famous the most beautiful and the most photographed woman in the world? Why her death did was a real shock to many people? Why did it make the whole world cry? Why do we still remember her?

The answer is so simple. She was a very kind woman. She liked ordinary people. She was always ready to help. She visited hospitals for people with AIDS, she wasn’t afraid to communicate with them. She worked on children's charities. It doesn’t mean she just wanted to give her money. She wanted to share a part of her soul. She wanted to give love because she needed love herself.

Rock and movie stars like Sting, Elton John, George Michael, Nicole Kidman and others were her closest friends plus she had many friends among ordinary people. When she died many people came to London to say goodbye to her and brought her beautiful flowers. People watched the funeral and cried. They listened to Elton John's song “Goodbye, England’s rose”


Diana Spencer


Prince Charles

Prince William

Prince Harry


Elton John

George Michael

Nicole Kidman


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