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  1. I was born and spent all my life in Luhansk.
  2. I love it and of course I can’t but mention about my native town.
  3. Luhansk took its name after the river Luhan, on the banks of which it had been founded more than two hundred years ago.
  4. We had celebrated the 200th anniversary of Luhansk in 1995.
  5. The population of our town is about half a million people.
  6. It has a huge industrial complex of different branches.
  7. The up-to-date economy has a tendency to the introducing progressive technologies and to the development of the industrial potential.
  8. Many of Luhansk plants and factories produce a lot of goods of heavy and light industries, which are recognized not only in Ukraine but also in many foreign countries.
  9. They are locomotives and trams, shoes and clothes, net wear and sweets and many other things.
  10. The history of Luhansk started in 1795, after the decree on “setting up a foundry” had been issued in Petersburg.
  11. Our town was destined to become a centre of metallurgy in the south of Russian Empire.
  12. The cannons of Luhansk foundries thundered under Borodino and at the Sevastopol bastions during the Crimean War.
  13. By the time of the proletariat revolution of 1917 Luhansk had become a large industrial centre.
  14. The workers of Luhansk were among the first in the country to seize the power in their hands: soviet power had been proclaimed on the next day after storming the Winter Palace.
  15. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) our town was greatly destroyed.
  16. But after it had been liberated in 1943 the plants were reconstructed very fast.
  17. The history, the present life of Luhansk is reflected in many monuments and museums.
  18. Our town is an administrative centre of the Luhansk region.
  19. It is situated on the vast territory of Donbass Steppe, which has the richest deposits of coal.
  20. So, the silhouettes of the coal-mines pit heaps are the usual sights of our region.
  21. The names of many prominent people are inseparably connected with our town.
  22. Vladimir Dal - the famous linguist and writer was born and lived there.
  23. Karl Gaskoyn - the founder of Luhansk metallurgy.
  24. There are two theatres and a circus, many sport complexes and stadiums, green parks and beautiful squares. Many colleges and universities teach young people different professions.




  1. In my opinion, more and more schools require uniforms for many reasons.
  2. First of all, it has become a tradition.
  3. Long ago only some people could get education.
  4. Pupils and students stood out of the crowd with their uni­forms.
  5. At that time every educational institution had its own specific uniform.
  6. So that you could determine from which the student was.
  7. Nowadays students don’t always seem to like uniform.
  8. They say it limits the display of their individuality.
  9. As for me, I think a. person should show its worth by achievements in studies, sports, work, etc. but not by clothes.
  10. Clothes can show the standard of living and taste.
  11. This is not important for children at school.
  12. Uniform makes children feel the same no matter whether their parents are rich or poor.
  13. It helps to concentrate on studying and has a good effect on education in general.
  14. And teachers have an equal attitude to all the pupils.
  15. Another reason is teenage girls who like to wear defiant clothes.
  16. It is not appropriate for school.
  17. Wearing uniform children learn to be disciplined and receive an appropriate mood for studying.
  18. People of certain professions such as a doctor, a chemist, a worker, etc. have to wear uniforms.
  19. It is a good thing because it is hygienic as well as safe both for them and for people they work with.



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