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IV. Complete the following sentences

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1. If you have chosen a hobby … .

2. … doing things, making things, collecting things and learning things.

3. It includes … .

4. Gardening is … .

5. This is a relatively new hobby but … .

6. … that they are housed in museums and galleries.

7. Often such private collections are … .

8. … he always has the opportunity of learning from it.

V. Translate and play out the dialogues


Fred: Hi, Gloria! How are you today?

Gloria: Good, thank you, Fred. How are you?

Fred: Okay. What are going to do now?

Gloria: I was thinking about going shopping.

Fred: Shopping? Again? I thought you went shopping yesterday.

Gloria: I did. But today the new collection is going to be on sale.

Fred: Are you planning to buy anything?

Gloria: No, I am not. Maybe I’ll buy a shirt or a skirt.

Fred: You have a thousand of clothes.

Gloria: I know. But shopping is my hobby.


Chris:Hi, Justin! What are you doing?

Justin:I bought the new CD and now I’m listening to it. What are you doing?

Chris:Playing my favorite computer game. What CD did you buy?

Justin:The band “Crackdown”

Chris: “Crackdown”?

Justin: You know I never thought I would like to listen to this kind of music

Chris: Yes, I know what you mean. I never liked to play computer games.

Justin: Are you serious? I thought you always like to do it.

Chris: Well, not really. I always thought that it’s very silly to sit and play computer games. But now I can spend my whole weekend doing it.




I. Read and translate the texts given below. Answer the questions.


Adam’s house



Hi, my name is Adam Meadows. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. My house is situated 10 miles away from the downtown Minneapolis in a very picturesque place.

There is a lake and some park areas around my house. My house is not very big, but very cozy. It is a two-storied house with a garage and a big terrace. There are 3 rooms on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second floor. And we also have a nice basement; we use it as a game room and a gym.


There is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom downstairs, and 3 bedrooms, a study and 2 bathrooms upstairs. The living room is the largest and the most comfortable room in my house. Between the two large windows there is a little table with a TV-set on it.

Near the TV-set there are two comfortable armchairs. A small round table, a couch and a standard lamp are in the left-hand corner. This small table is for newspapers and magazines.

My dad likes to have a rest sitting on the couch reading books or newspapers or watching TV programs. In the middle of the dining room we have a square table with six chairs round it. To the right of the dining table there is a wall unit, which has several sections: a sideboard, a wardrobe and some shelves.

The warmest place in our house is the kitchen, the place where the whole family gathers together every evening not only to have dinner together, but also to speak and rest. There is a small laundry room next to the kitchen.




As I’ve said there are 3 bedrooms and a study upstairs. The biggest one is my parent’s bedroom.

My elder sister occupies the other one. My bedroom is not very light as there is only one window in it. I have a bed and a bedside-table with a lamp on it.

In the left-hand corner of the room I have a built-in wardrobe with coat hangers to hang clothes on. I also have a writing table with a computer on it and an armchair in front of it.

In the right-hand corner there is a bookcase full of books, magazines and newspapers. I like the proverb says: “My home is my castle” because my house is, indeed, my little castle.


downtown -центр города

picturesque - живописный

cozy -уютный

terrace - терраса

basement - подвал

game room - игровая комната

gym - спортивный зал

couch - диван

square table -квадратный стол

sideboard - сервант

wardrobe - шкаф

laundry room - прачечная

to occupy-занимать (комнату, помещение)

bedside-table - тумбочка

built-in wardrobe - встроенный шкаф

coat hanger - вешалка


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