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Answer the questions. 1. Would you like to apply for a grant?

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1. Would you like to apply for a grant? Why? Why not?

2. What kind of grant would you like to apply for?

3. What kind of obstacles can prevent you from receiving of a grant?

4. Have you ever applied for a grant?

Visit the website address given below, look through the list of different grants for different categories of students, for example, grants for undergraduate students, graduate students, etc. Follow program guidelines and choose the grant you would like to apply for. Make a short presentation about it.


Your presentation should include following points:

  • Important information
  • Summary of program requirements
  • Requirements to submit a proposal
  • Why have you chosen this grant?

b) You are a young promising scientist. You are going to conduct a very important scientific research that would change the world. But the only problem you have is a lack of money. You are going to participate in the competition of grants. It’s necessary to compose a proposal to take part in a grant competition. The structure of proposal is very complicated. Read the information given below and compose the first part of proposal – cover sheet. Use appendix 2 (p. 151) to follow the sample of cover sheet of the grant proposal.

Typical proposal consists of following sections: cover sheet, project summary, table of contents, project description, reference cited, biographical sketches, budget, special information and supplementary documentation.

There are several major components of the cover sheet of the proposal. The information requested on the Cover Sheet is as follows:

  • Title of Proposed Project

The title of the project must be brief, scientifically or technically valid, intelligible to a scientifically or technically literate reader, and suitable for use in the public press.

  • Information (including address information).

Each individual's name and e-mail address must be entered in the boxes provided.

  • Previous awards (if available)

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a part of the UN, based in Paris, which is concerned especially with providing help for poorer countries with education and science.

Compose a presentation about UNESCO. You can use the website address given below to get more information. Use appendix 1 for the tips how to make a Power Point presentation.



Your presentation should include the following points:

  • The history of this organization
  • Governing bodies
  • Aims of the organisation
  • UNESCO throughout the world
  • Work opportunities



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