D) Choose one of the words to complete the sentences

  1. A good example of price emphasis is loss leader pricing. It means that a seller chooses one item and sells it at very low price. There is also off-even pricing or odd-pricing.
  2. B) Make up your own sentences with them.
  3. B). Open the brackets. c). Put questions to the underlined words.
  4. Choose the alternative that best suits the context.
  5. Choose the correct variant.
  6. Choose the right answer
  7. Choose the right variant.
  8. Choose the right variant.
  9. Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.
  10. Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.
  11. Comment on some of Twains remarks when describing the quality of student papers. Explain why the commentary is so biting. Translate the sentences into Russian.
  12. Complete the sentences

1. Many students go on to education at university when they finish school.

a) further b) upper c) higher


2. A lot of people return to education when they are adults. These .. students are often more motivated than their younger counterparts.

a) mature b) developed c) advanced


3. Numeracy (the ability to do calculations and understand simple mathematics), and (the ability to read and write), are basic skills that we learn from an early age.

a) literacy b) literary c) literally


4. In Britain, education is between the ages of 5 and 16: children between these ages must go to school.

a) optional b) compulsory c) voluntary


5. An increasing number of young people are leaving school without any formal .

a) qualifications b) qualifiers c) qualities


6. What are you studying at university?

a) object b) topic c) subject


7. Governments should provide university students with a to help them pay for their education.

a) free b) fare c) grant


8. Before you join a course at a college or university, you first need to .. .

a) engage b) enroll c) enlist


9. I believe that the main aim of education should be to help us learn new .. .

a) abilities b) tasks c) skills


10. After three years at university, most students with a degree in their chosen subject.

a) proceed b) advance c) graduate

Intercultural communication is very important part of modern world. This term can be explained as a way of how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them.

Read a short article about one of the best world-known sign okay! and try to find the decision of the curious situation given below.

The Ring or OK, this gesture was popularized in the USA during the early nineteenth century, apparently by the newspapers that, at the time, were starting a craze of using initials to shorten common phrases.

There are many different views about what the initials OK stand for, some believing it stood for all correct while others say that it means the opposite of knock-out that is, K.O. Another popular theory is that it is an abbreviation of Old Kinderhook, from the birthplace of a nineteenth century American president who used the initials as a campaign slogan.

Which theory is the correct one we may never know, but it seems that the ring itself represents the letter O in the OK signal. The - OK meaning is common to all English-speaking countries and, although its meaning is fast spreading across Europe and Asia, it has other origins and meanings in certain places. For example, in France it also means zero or nothing; in Japan it can mean money; in some Mediterranean countries it is an orifice signal, often used to infer that a man is homosexual.



You have come to the USA using the exchange program. One day you invited to a lunch one beautiful French girl. You were discussing your enter the university when suddenly you used sign okay to say that you had coped with your entrance exams perfect. But the girl understood your sign wrong. She decided that you fell your entrance exams. Try to explain to the girl this misunderstanding.


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