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Choose the alternative that best suits the context

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  1. A good example of price emphasis is “loss leader” pricing. It means that a seller chooses one item and sells it at very low price. There is also off-even pricing or “odd-pricing”.
  3. Ask a wh-question, or an alternative or a tail question to each sentence
  4. Choose the correct variant.
  5. Choose the right answer
  6. Choose the right variant.
  7. Choose the right variant.
  8. Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.
  9. Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.
  10. D) Choose one of the words to complete the sentences
  11. Ex.2. Choose the correct term for each definition.

1. … is the business of selling goods in large quantities and usually at low prices.

a) retailing b) wholesaling c) franchising


2. ... are large shops which sell a wide variety of products.

a) Department stores b) Greengrocery c) Grocery


3. When two or more people want to start a business together they can set up a ….

a) concern b) corporation c) partnership


4. The … line was shut down for two hours as a result of damaged machinery.

a) delivery b) production c) control


5. Information on … prices is available to brokers throughout the world.

a) share b) production c) trading


6. Hewlett Packard is known as one of the most reputable … in the electronic and computer industry.

a) customers b) buyers c) suppliers


7. During the bear market a lot of firms went ….

a) ahead b) bankrupt c) melding


8. Monthly salaries of our staff go directly into their ….

a) interests b) invoices c) accounts


9. If you own some shares of a company, you receive … per share.

a) dividends b) interest c) salary


10. He asked his parents if they would pay off his ….

a) debts b) liabilities c) rents


11. We are planning to … $3 million on advertising.

a) lose b) invest c) spend


12. … act as agents in buying and selling shares.

a) Wholesalers b) Brokers c) Investors


13. He … most of his savings in the Stock Exchange.

a) gave b) fixed c) invested


14. To acquire … in the company which you work for may prove advantageous.

a) a stake b) an investment c) part


15. If I open a saving account I will receive … .

a) a share b) an interest c) a benefit


16. … receive income, known as a dividend, from the companies in which they invested.

a) Stockbrokers b) Shareholders c) Owners


17. In order to raise capital the company intends to issue shares ….

a) on the consumer market b) on the production market
c) on the stock market


18. Of course, our goods are not very cheap, but the prices are quite … for the average consumer.

a) costly b) reasonable c) high


19. Our company specialized in producing … goods.

a) consumer b) consumerism c) consumption


20. … can result if you have no more income to pay your debts.

a) Transfer b) Bankruptcy c) Discount


21. Banks … very high rates of interest on credit loans.

a) offer b) pay c) charge


22. Some strategic industries, such as Atomic Energy and Defence, are too important to be left in … hands.

a) public b) private c) government


23. Ukrainian business is … a lot of foreign capital.

a) importing b) investing c) attracting


24. We’d like to know your views on the possibility of a … venture with our company.

a) capital b) joint c) business


25. … fix their own commissions for buying and selling shares.

a) Stockbrokers b) Retailers c) Wholesalers


26. This alliance will help our companies survive in the fiercely … market of today.

a) contrasting b) contemporary c) competitive


27. The … of Harley-Davidson Motor Company are people with a high average income.

a) suppliers b) target market c) budget


28. The successful candidate should have at least 3-year … in office management.

a) qualifications b) experience c) efficiency


29. Our company is determined to … so that we might reach our full potential.

a) increase b) recess c) expand


30. … is the term given to different activities involved in distributing goods from the manufacturer to the final customer.

a) Distribution b) Marketing c) Retailing


31. An advertisement on radio or television is called a ….

a) movie b) sales program c) commercial


32. … is used to increase sales by making the product or service known to a wider audience.

a) Advertising b) Promotion c) Research


33. If you pay … I’ll give you a 5% discount.

a) price b) cash c) bill


34. They’ve just launched an advertising ….

a) promotion b) company c) campaign


35. An amount of money required to start or expand a business is ….

a) rent b) capital c) loan


36. People who buy goods or services are ….

a) users b) customers c) suppliers


37. People who work inside a company are its ….

a) customers b) suppliers c) employees


38. Last year we increased our market ….

a) stock b) stake c) share


39. She put all her money into government ….

a) investment b) shares c) bonds


40. The firm attempted … its nearest competitor.

a) to take after b) to take over c) to take off


41. I … for the position of a production manager.

a) applied b) employed c) recruited


42. We suggest you the high quality product, which is not expensive ….

a) to discount b) to buy c) to invent


43. Our … is to increase the market share within a few months.

a) responsibility b) ambitions c) objective


44. … situation is stabilizing at present.

a) Economy b) Economic c) Economical


45. They are very … in their expenditures

a) economics b) economic c) economical


46. Fixed assets are what a company ….

a) owes b) sells c) owns


47. Current liabilities are what a company ….

a) invests b) owes c) buys


48. Wealth used to produce more wealth is called ….

a) liabilities b) goods c) capital


49. Balance sheet is a statement of how much … has come in and how much has gone out.

a) capital b) money c) shares


50. I’m a salesman and work in the … department.

a) Advertising b) Accounting c) Export


51. New technologies make global … easier.

a) market b) communication c) travelling


52. Yon can buy the same software quite … at our local market.

a) reasonable b) cheaply c) free


53. He bought stocks during the … market, when the share prices were the lowest, and sold them when they rose.

a) bear b) bull c) boom


54. A movement to a more important job, with more responsibility and money is ….

a) recruitment b) career c) promotion


55. To do business, to buy and sell is to ….

a) do research b) trade c) perform


56. To make the necessary arrangements for starting a business means to ….

a) maintain a business b) reorganize c) set up a business


57. A great number of companies in Russia were … by the 1998 financial crash.

a) affected b) infected c) effected


58. Due to our new supply system more products are … to consumers and supply costs are lower.

a) reduced b) limited c) available


59. Our company has 220 … at present.

a) employers b) employees c) workforce


60. Big companies cannot rely exclusively on their … markets. They have to become more international in their outlook if they want to survive.

a) consumer b) competitive c) domestic






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