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Ex.4. Express your opinion of the following

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1. Recruitment of personnel is a critical task because newcomers tend to break a lot of tools and devices they are not familiar with.

2. It is necessary to hire new personnel with a good mix of skills because not everything can be learnt on the job.

3. Hiring new staff is expensive because it is connected with costs of recruitment, costs of training and so on.

4. Recruiting managers from the ranks of the existing staff is most effective and economical.

5. Making a quick decision to hire a person is always cheaper than using the services of an expensive headhunter.


Ex.5. Familiarize yourself with the following idioms. Consult your dictionary and translate the sentences into Ukrainian. Think of situations where you could use them:

1. This book is selling like hot cakes.

2. I’m sorry I missed the appointment, it must have slipped my mind.

3. A bad management decision spelt disaster for the company.

4. He is very secretive, it’s difficult trying to worm information out of him.

5. My boss’s joke really got me into deep water.


Ex.6. Comment on the following:

“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.”




Lesson 4

Text: Interviewing

Grammar: Future time (Future Continuous, Future Perfect)


Terms to remember:


interviewee особа, яка дає інтерв’ю; запрошений на співбесіду
interviewer інтерв’юер
reference рекомендація
accept the job offer приймати пропозицію про роботу
turn down the job offer відхиляти пропозицію про роботу
appoint (v) призначати, затверджувати (на посаду)
sign (v) підписувати
employment contract трудовий контракт
working conditions умови праці
salary заробітна платня
in advance заздалегідь
research (v) вивчати, досліджувати
implement (v) виконувати, здійснювати
relocate (v) переміщати, переселяти
training course курс навчання
strengths сильні сторони
weakness недолік, уразливе місце




An interview is a formal meeting between a candidate and people from the company. In this situation, the candidate is the interviewee and the representatives of the company are the interviewers. After an interview, the interviewers will follow up the references of promising candidates. To do this they ask for a letter about the candidate from a previous employer (or a tutor, in the case of a recent graduate). Once this process has been completed, the interviewers need to select the best candidate for the job and offer him or her the post. The candidate will then accept, or turn down the job offer.

When the person has been officially appointed (given the job), an employment contract is signed, agreeing the working conditions and salary.

If you are an interviewee you should do the following in advance:

s research the organization

s read the job description carefully

s think about the questions you may be asked, and plan your responses

s be ready to talk about your career, both past and future

s be prepared to explain why you think you are suitable for the job

Below are some questions that are frequently asked in job interviews:

s Why do you seek a job with this company?

s What information do you have about our company?

s What do you think you can bring to this job?

s What changes would you implement if you got this job?

s How would you feel about relocating to another city (working in a very small team? training courses?)

s Could you tell us something about your responsibilities in your last job? (about your experience of dealing with difficult client? about your long term goals?)

s What would you say are your strengths/weaknesses?

s What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

s How do you see yourself developing personally?


Exercises in Word Study


Ex.1. Form nouns from the following verbs:

interview, represent, refer, complete, select, accept, appoint, sign, agree, explain, implement.


Ex.2. Give the English for:

офіційна зустріч; особа, яка дає інтерв’ю; представники компанії; рекомендації; перспективний кандидат; відібрати кращих кандидатів; запропонувати посаду; прийняти/відхилити пропозицію про роботу; підписати трудовий контракт; узгодити умови праці та заробітну платню; кар’єра; досвід спілкування з "важким" клієнтом; довгострокові цілі; роботодавець.


Ex.3. Match words from list A with words from list B that have a similar meaning:

formal turn down appoint conditions salary carefully response relocate implement responsibility duty put into action move to a new place answer attentively payment terms designate reject official


Ex.4. Find suitable opposites to the following words and phrases:

interviewee, formal, to accept, to dismiss, strengths, inattentively.


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