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Exercise 1 Match each group of adjective with an appropriate noun and describe your friend using these words

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  2. Agree or disagree with the following statements, using the strategies of speaking. Give additional information to prove your agreement or disagreement. Use the model.
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  7. Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.
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  9. Complete the sentences, using the words from Ex. 3. Three of them are used twice. The first one is done for you.
  10. Complete the word puzzle using the text and clues below.
  11. Complete these sentences using the correct form of one of the words above. Make sentences of your own to show that you understand the difference in their meaning.
  12. Complete these sentences using the correct form of one of the words above. Make your own sentences to show that you understand the difference in their meaning.

a) Thick/ thin 1 eyes

b) Pale/ rose 2 eyebrow

c) Curly/ straight/ wavy 3 lips

d) Full/ thin 4 teeth

e) Blue/ brown 5 hair

f) Straight/ white 6 cheeks


Exercise 2 Match the adjective and definitions . [1.p145]

Friendly funny generous lazy shy talkative  
    Adjective Opposite
  A person who talks a lot is talkative quiet
  A person who likes giving presents is    
  A person never does any work is    
  A person who makes people to laugh is    
  A person who is open and nice is    
  A person who is nervous in the company of other people is    

Complete the Opposite column.

Extrovert hard-working mean quiet serious unfriendly

Exercise 5 Discuss the following in pairs or small groups.

a) Friendship is important to everyone.

b) Friendship between girls and boys

c)Your parents attitude towards your friends

Exercise 6 Speak on given topics.

Think of a person you know well, a family member or a friend, who is single. Use the given chart and prepare what you are going to say. Tell your partner about him/her.

· Name? · Age? · Job/ studies? · Physical appearance? · Personality? · Likes? · Doesn’t like?


Exercise 7 Read the text aloud and translate the first paragraph.



Every person needs a friend. Your true friend is always ready to help you. My friend’s name is Richard. He is 17 from England. He lives in a small apartment in New-Castle with his mother and younger brother .

Richard has short, dark, curly hair and deep green eyes. He is very tall and sporty. He gets on well with most people, but he is sometimes quite shy too. He doesn’t like going parties.

As for his character, he is a cheerful, open and kind person. Rihard is very helpful to his family and closest friends. He can always listen to somebody’s problems and try to help.

It’s very interesting to talk to Richard because he reads a lot. He is always interested in the latest news, politics and sport. He spends most of his spare time taking photos of nature and animals.

We like to be together. We have the same hobby and devote all our free time to it. I think he is a reliable friend because we respect and trust each other.


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