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A 45 – Story Apartment Building

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A 45-story apartment building located in Edmonton, Canada, provided testimony to the savings achieved by the use of structural lightweight concrete. A price comparison between the cost of a prestressed flat plate floor system designed in normal-weight concrete, and the same system designed in structural lightweight concrete came out significantly in favor of lightweight concrete.

The irregular share and steep slope of the site led to the hexagonal plan used for all floors in the 0.5 million sq ft structure. Location of the tower – 402 ft in overall height 0 at the base of an embankment led to the use of the tower 11 stories to serve as a 357 car capacity parking area with spiral ramp.

The 12th floor, which provides access to the top parking level, is a large mezzanine with a swimming pool, game room, bar and offices. A unique entrance to the main level — which varies in elevation from 36 to 60 ft above the sloping ground surrounding the tower — is afford­ed by a bridge from top of the embankment. This bridge spans a major traffic artery. Two additional entrances are located at the middle and bottom parking levels. The top 34 floors of the tower are used for suites, offices, a large lobby area, and a restaurant.

All floors are 7 ½ in. Thick, and span distances of 25 and 31 ft.

The fireproof quality of structural lightweight concrete was illustrat­ed midway through construction when the canvas hoarding — used to protect both workmen and the concrete from the elements — caught fire. It was reported that no signs of distress whatever were shown in core samples taken from the concrete after the blaze.



2.6 Read the text and answer the following question:

What are the main characteristic features of this building?

Text 2 C


A Two – Story Chemistry Building


The Chemistry Building at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, received the Honor Award for Excellence in Architectural Design at the Western Mountain Region Convention of the American Institute of Architects.

The two-story reinforced concrete building is split-level designed.with 47,000 sq ft. Perimeter access is at existing grade with the central core of the building set 4 ft into ground. The split-level concept elimi­nates vibration transfer between laboratory functions, provides additional insulation, and minimizes the vertical travel for physically handicapped students and faculty.

The central core of each floor contains four general undergraduate teaching laboratories with faculty offices, administration, stockrooms, teaching stations, the library, and specific teaching and research labora­tories forming perimeter envelopes about each core.

The interior of the building was lightly sandblasted and clear silicone sealed.


Make up a report on one of the suggested topics

1. Buildings and their functions.

2. Types of buildings.

3. Residential and industrial buildings.


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