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Are encouraged to improve conditions at their waiting sites by building

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Roadside toilets, shelters, and wells. The achievements of the project

have been recognized by the United Nations, which awarded ≪Men

on the Side of the Road≫ a special prize.

In South Africa there are men standing on the roads looking

For work every day.

A 1,000

B 10,000

C 100,000

D 1,000,000

A system assesses the skills of individuals as they wait for


A roadside

B response

C raising

D registration

In a public campaign, donated tools are .

A new

B re-cycled

C repaired

D all of the above

While waiting for work, men are encouraged to build .

A toilets

B shelters

C wells

D all of the above

Achievements of the project have been recognized and given a special

Prize from the .

A South African government

B Ford Foundation

C United Nations

D ≪Roadside Workers of the


Who repaired the donated tools?

A UN forces.

B The workers themselves.

C Volunteers.

D The South African



Variant 19

2 Complete the text with the words from the table.

Although I am a police (1) , I certainly don’t believe that

Crime control is entirely the responsibility of the police (2) .

I am convinced that prevention is the key to success and that all of us

(3) work together to prevent crime. Not giving (4) the

Opportunity is the first step. Make your homes burglar-proof by always

Locking up, installing an alarm system and putting identification numbers

On your valuable items. Make sure your garden and drive are lit up

(5) night, and report any suspicious behaviour immediately. The

More unattractive you make your home to burglars, the (6) likely

It is that a crime will take place. The police are here to help you, but

You have to help us as well.

As a parent, I believe that young people are the key to crime prevention.

Television and films make crime look (7) and romantic,

And even modern music glamorizes crime. Of course we can’t control

Everything our children watch or listen to — it would just make them

More rebellious if we tried to. The only way to fight these influences is

Through (8) . We must teach young people, (9) in school

And at home — what the realities of a life of crime are, and how becoming

Involved in crime can ruin a young person’s life. We must also show

Them by our own behaviour that crime is wrong. A parent who cheats

On his or her taxes, for example, cannot expect a child to see criminal

Activity as (10) to be avoided.


Officers official officer officially

Fierce force power authority

Can may must ought

Criminalize criminals criminological criminology

For with at of

Less few little many

Excite excited exciting excitment

Study education learning teaching

Some from as both

Something anything nothing everything

3 Comment on the following issues.

Space has been often called ≪the final frontier≫. This is because it is

A vast opportunity for new knowledge and ideas.

• Should the global community increase space exploration?

• What do you think we can learn through space research?


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