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For future searchers

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(From «Is Google Autocomplete Evil?»,

BBC News, Tom Chatfield, November 2013)

3 Comment on the following issues.

Many people use social networks like Vkontakte and Facebook to stay

In touch with friends and family. However, some critics fear that these

Sites cost us too much in terms of privacy and can have a negative impact

On users. And what is your opinion?

• What are the advantages of using social networking sites?

• What are the possible disadvantages?


Орієнтовні зразки екзаменаційних завдань для державної підсумкової атестації 37


1 Read the text and mark () the following statements «True» or «False».

Satellites first began measuring the extent of sea ice in the Arctic

Ocean during the 1970s. One summer reading revealed nearly 3 million

Square miles of it. Last summer that coverage shrank to 1.67 million

Square miles, the second-lowest number on record, according to climatologist

Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Centre. ≪The

Year 2011 is another exclamation point on the overall downward trend

that we see in sea-ice extent,≫ he says. Georg Heygster goes further.

His 2011 data shows the lowest coverage of sea ice since records began.

The researchers may have slightly different numbers regarding the

Exact amount of ice remaining, but both agree that summer sea ice in

The Arctic could vanish by 2030. The effects would be far-reaching: polar

Bears and walruses would lose the ice they depend on for hunting and


These changes come atop the strong seasonal variation in Arctic ice,

Which melts through the summer and freezes up in the winter months.

The warming trend accelerates the summer melt even during years of

Ordinary temperatures.

(from Arctic Ice Hits Record Lows

by Gregory Mone, Discover Magazine, 2011)

True False

All data show that 2011 had the lowest sea-ice

Coverage ever reported.

Mark Serreze is a professional climate researcher.

Satellites began measuring sea ice in the Arctic

Ocean more than forty years ago.

Both scientists agree that by 2030, sea ice in the

Arctic could disappear.

The researchers found very different

Measurements of sea ice.

Arctic ice stays frozen all year.

Weather in the polar region has changed in the

Last ten years.

Melting ice will cause problems for native animals

Of the polar region.

Ice refreezes in the spring and melts in the


The author of this article probably does not

Believe in global warming.


Variant 17

2 Complete the text with the words from the box.

Suited island buildings travellers fishhook

Distance afternoon walkers beginning questions

It’s possible for a New Yorker to go weeks without glimpsing a river

Or a harbour, and to lose track of the fact that Manhattan is both

An (1) and a seaport. This misapprehension is inconceivable,

However, for a user of the Waterfront Greenway, a well-marked

Mile-route for (2) , runners, skaters, cyclists, and other


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