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As the danger increases, the (7) of people willing to go forward

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Shrinks, until the only ones (8) remain are the extreme risk-takers,

Those willing to endanger their reputation, fortune, and life. This

Is the (9) of risk: What makes some humans willing to jeopardize

So much and continue to do (10) even in the face of dire


(From «The Mystery of Risk», National Geographic, Peter Gwin, June 2013)


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3 Comment on the following issues.

You have just graduated from school. What are your plans for the

near future? Explain:

• what occupation you would like to choose. Why?

• where you would like to study.


Орієнтовні зразки екзаменаційних завдань для державної підсумкової атестації 7


1 Read the text and mark () the following statements «True» or «False».

History of Central Park

New York’s Central Park is the first urban landscaped park in the

United States. The idea originated in the early 1850s. The purpose was

To change the European view that the Americans lacked a civic duty and

Didn’t like culture. New York high society wanted to enjoy a landscape,

Among which the wealthy could parade in their carriages and socialize.

After years of debate, the park’s construction began in 1857, based

On the winner of a park design contest. The city bought 840 acres of an

Area in the centre of Manhattan. After that, about 1,600 people, schools,

Three churches were evicted. Thousands of Irish, German and New England-

Area labourers worked there.

In 1858, when the park was opened, people were ice-skating in the

Park. In the 1860s the park was the place of the wealthy. The first playground

Was installed there in 1926, it was a great success and by the

S Central Park was home to more than twenty playgrounds.

In the 1960s and 1970s the park’s keeping was bad; despite its growing

Use for concerts and rallies, clean-up, and planting. During the early

S there was an attempt to involve New Yorkers in helping their

Park. Today, the park hosts millions of visitors yearly.

(from an article written by Sarah Waxman)

True False

The purpose of building Central Park was to give

New York high society a place to show off their

Carriages and socialize with their friends.

The design of Central Park was based on

European design.

Central Park was built on vacant lands in the

Centre of Manhattan.

The first area of the park to be opened was for


In the middle of the nineteenth century Central

Park was used mostly by the wealthy.

The final phase of the park’s construction was

Delayed by budgets constraints.

Workers from Ireland, Germany and England

Were hired to build Central Park.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Park’s maintenance

Declined due to its use for concerts and rallies.

In 1980 a massive movement was made to

Maintain the Park better.

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