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Environmentally double report mayor history

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Living healthy use system control

Annie Finnigan, «Sustainable Development:

No City’s an Island»

The world’s urban populations are exploding. According to

A (1) from the United Nations, some 3 billion people live in

Cities today, and their ranks are increasing at almost (2) the

Rate of growth overall. Two years from now, for the first time in

(3), city dwellers will outnumber country inhabitants. And

Years from now the number of those (4) in cities will

Have grown by another two thirds, to 5 billion.

Experts say we must change the way our metropolises function if we’re

To leave our children cities that are functional and (5). We

Must create cities that are both economically and (6) sustainable,

Where clean industry and green options for energy and transportation

Are the rule rather than the exception.

Valenciennes, in France’s industrial north, is trying to do just that.

The former steel and coal town was economically depressed when it

Began, in the 1990s, to invest in sustainability. It has worked hard to

attract ≪green≫ businesses, like the Toyota plant on its outskirts —

A model in terms of energy (7). In addition, it has completely

Rethought transportation: next year, it’s launching a new light-rail

(8) that will connect it with nearby towns and cut down

on traffic. ≪The tram is a real step forward for Valenciennes,≫ says

Jean-Louis Borloo, the city’s former (9) and now France’s

minister of employment, social cohesion and housing. ≪It’s a clean means

Of transportation that helps us (10) our energy consumption

and reduce congestion, pollution and noise.≫

(from Special Advertising Section,

Newsweek, Special Edition)

3 Comment on the following issues.

Telling the truth can be a tricky task to undertake. Sometimes a white

Lie may be the best option to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. What is

Your view on lying?

• Is it always wrong?

• Under what circumstances would you consider lying possible?


Орієнтовні зразки екзаменаційних завдань для державної підсумкової атестації 57


1 Read the text and choose the correct item for each statement below.

Diamonds are Forever

Invented by one of the richest companies in the world, diamonds are

forever is a slogan which does not bear close examination. Diamonds

Are neither valuable nor rare. Though fabulously expensive, they are

Actually one of the most common minerals on earth. In the West cut

Diamonds outnumber cars. They are almost untradeable as a commodity.

Their resale value is significantly lower than their original cost,

And nowadays they can easily be substituted in all their industrial uses.

In fact, without the tradition and romance which have always given

Diamonds their sentimental value, they would be almost worthless.

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