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Conversational theme № 40

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I. Read, translate and learn the text:



The International Convention for the Safety of life at sea is concerned with safety and health on ships. It had been adopted in 1948 in London. The Regulation; include all aspects such аs: safe conditions of workplaces, keeping ladders and companionways clear of obstructions, provision and maintenance of non-slip walking surfaces, adequate lighting, heating and ven­tilation, appropriate instructions.

The master of the ship shall be supplied with data necessary to maintain sufficient intact stability under service conditions to enable the ship to withstand the critical damage.

There shall be permanently exibited, for the guidance of the officer in charge of the ship plan showing clearly for each deck and hold the boundaries of the watertight compartments, the ope­nings therein with the means of closure and position of any controls thereof, andthe arrangements for the correction of any list due to a casualty whether the ship is upright or listed.

In no саsе shall any subdivision load line mark be placed above the deepest load line in salt water as determined by the strength of the ship and/or the International Convention respec­ting Load Lines in force.

All sidescuttles the sills of which are below the margin line, other than those required to be of a non opening type shall be of such construction as will effectively prevent any person opening them without the consent of the Master of the ship.

Ships shall be provided with an efficient bilge pumping plant capable of pumping from and draining any watertight com­partment which is neither a permanent oil compartment nor a per­manent water compartment.

The main steering gear shall be of adequate strength and sufficient to steer the ship at maximum service speed. The main steering gear and rudder stock shall be so designed that they are not damaged at maximum astern speed.




sidescuttles - иллюминаторы

sills -нижние кромки

consent -разрешение

Intact stability - остойчивость

upright - прямее положение

margin line - предельная линия

rudder stock - баллер руля

companionways - сходный трап



1. What do the regulations include?

2. Where and when was the convention adopted?

3. What shall the master of the ship be supplied with?

4. Does the master need instructions?

5. Where must any subdivision load line mark be placed?


Conversational theme № 41

I. Read, translate and learn the text:


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