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Read the text quickly to find out what it is about. Choose the best title for the text

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1 There is no success without effort

2 How to do your homework without effort

3 How to become a perfect student

Read paragraphs 1-3 in the text carefully. Choose the correct answer: a, b or c.

1 What is paragraph 1 about?

a The necessity to plan your work,

b The best place to do homework,

c Creating the best working conditions.

2 What is paragraph 2 about?

a Buying school materials,

b Making notes,

c Keeping your papers in order.

3 What does paragraph 3 tell you?

a When to do homework,

b Where to do it.

c How to do it.

Now read paragraphs 4-8. Underline each sentence that contains a piece of advice.

Read this leaflet giving advice on doing your homework.

Match headings A-l to paragraphs 1-8. There is one heading you will not need to use.

1. It's possible to get your homework done even if you have a busy schedule - if you decide in advance what you have to do. On Sunday or Monday, jot down your activities for the upcoming week in a notebook and then include a time for homework for each day.

2. Buy a folder for each of your classes. Divide it into three sections: notes, homework, and tests. Always put papers in the correct section.

3. Forget about doing your homework in front of the TV. Find a quiet place that's well-lit where you can concentrate without getting distracted.

4. You won't get any work done if you're hungry. Your brain needs energy to work effectively! Drink plenty of water, and snack on some fruit or cookies to get more strength.

5. Begin with your best subject. Your success will give you a feeling of satisfaction that will help you deal with your weaker subjects later.

6. If you've started your Science homework, finish it! Don't leave one part of your homework unfinished to start another - you may not remember all those Chemistry formulas when you come back.

7. Take at least a five-minute break when you feel tired. The rest will re-energise you so you'll be able to finish your work.

8. Homework is rarely an exciting thing to do. But it's your top priority, and you have to get it done. Accepting this fact will help you deal with homework effectively.


A Start strong
B Complete each task
C Plan ahead
D Eat for energy
E Just do it!
F Keep things in order
G Talk to an expert
H Take a break
I Find the right place

Which one is different from the other two? How is it different?

1 eleven forty-five quarter to twelve twelve fifteen

2 noon twelve ten midday

3 pay book reserve

4 before no later than during

5 free inexpensive no charge

Read the instruction to exercise “LISTENING”, and answer the questions.

1 How many people are you going to hear?

2 What will they be talking about?

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