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Задание 4. Переведите предложения на русский язык

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1. The delegation is headed by the Prime Minister. 2. Your sister can be seen in our library every day. 3. The child was often left at home alone. 4. These houses were built last year. 5. All letters had been posted when we returned. 6. His new film is much spoken about. 7. I am being waited for. 8. At the moment this machine is being tested in our lab. 9. Ann's article has been published recently abroad. 10. Your letter will have been answered by Monday. 11. This task could have been done in time. 12. The experiment was being carried out during 2 hours. 13. Children under 16 will not be admitted here. 14. His book was translated into three foreign languages. 15. Will the course papers have been written by the end of this week? 16. As a rule the terminals are passed at the end of the term. 17. New plans should have been discussed in time. 18. Our car has been just repaired. 19. The house for my parents might have been built in this small village. 20. Nowadays English is spoken by many people in different countries.

Задание 5. Напишите данные предложения во всех време­нах страдательного залога, подобрав соответ­ствующий индикатор времени.

1. Such problems are often discussed by students.

2. This book is written by my friend.

3. His new film is much spoken about.


4. New method is widely used at the Rostselmash.

5. Their house is built on the river bank.

6. Her book is translated into several languages.

7. Our dinner is cooked by Ann.

8. The experiment is carried out in their lab.

9. Coal is mined by miners.

10. Russian is spoken in many countries.

Задание 6. Определите время и залог сказуемого данных предложений. А.

1. The news will be of great interest. 2. We shall inform you in some days. 3. They were speaking to him when I entered the room. 4. Last term we studied many interesting subjects. 5. The performance was not much spoken about. 6. I am working over my report now. 7. The text will be translated next lesson. 8. The students have already passed their exams. 9. Peter studies at our Academy. 10. Nowadays football is played all over the world. 11. You are playing chess, aren't you? 12. The exhibition has been a success. 13. My article has been recently published abroad. 14. The old man was seen nowhere. 15. Can you play the piano? 16. When we met his son was going to the cinema. 17. Our machine is being tested at the moment. 18. Do you work in this shop? 19. By 3 o'clock we had passed our terminals. 20. She doesn't teach Mathematics. 21. These books are written by our teacher. 22. Have they ever been in the USA?


1. At 10 a.m. we shall be writing tests. 2. Don't be afraid, the work will have been done when your friend comes. 3. Who translated this text last lesson? 4. When did your manager leave for London? 5. These toys are made in Germany. 6. Is anybody working now in the lab? 7. The conference will be held in April. 8. Our city was named after St. Dmitry Rostovsky. 9. I am often asked at the lessons. 10. Where have the Petrovs

moved to? 11. This work should have been done in time. 12. Do they attend these seminars or not? 13. What are you doing in my room? 14. We have been living in this city since 1990. 15. The dialog must be prepared off— hand. 16. The device was still being repaired when we left. 17. There were many children in the park. 18. Who has been working in our laboratory since early morning? Our operators have.

Задание 7. Измените залог.

1. This letter was written by me last week. 2. We often take this book. 3. At 5 o'clock I was translating the text. 4. The teacher will ask you next lesson. 5. New book has been written by V. Shitov. 6. These combines are produced by the Rostselmash. 7. The task had been done by the students in time. 8. The children were asked about by nobody. 9. Some day I shall visit his parents. 10. Her plan was discussed by us yesterday. 11. Various social programs will have been developed by our specialists next year. 12. Both teams are playing football well. 13. Water covers most of the Earth surface. 14. Such books are often read by children.

Задание 8. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужное время.

1. When our mother came home the dinner (cook).

2. As a rule this operation (do) by hand.

3.... new machines (test) now?

4. All children (give) presents tomorrow.

5. This music (know) to me.

6.... you (invite) to the New Year party?

7. He (see) recently by all of us.

8.... his work (finish) by next Sunday?

9. This problem (discuss) already.


10. Your method (use) by us during October.

11. Whom...this article (write) by?

12. His music (hear) by nobody yet.

13. The doctor (send) for 2 hours ago.

14. Many languages (speak) in India.


15. My brother (tell) to buy bread.

16. Specialists of different trades (employ) at our plant.

17. The experiment results (discuss) at the moment.

18. Next year this book (publish) abroad.

19. When... our city (found)?

20. Your letter (post) already, sir.

21.... these photos (take) in London?

22. The Ivanovs (live) in Rostov for 10 years.

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