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Задание 3. Определите действие, выраженное

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1. The stranger wants to speak to the



2. I am sorry to have interrupted you.

3. The students were to be translating

this text the whole lesson.


4. The film was very sad and made me

5. We are glad to see you.

6. Do they want to be informed of his


7. The detective saw the old man leave

the house.

8. I hope to meet the producer at the


9. Our operators seem to have finished

their work.

10. Please, ask your son to come here.

11. New company is reported to be doing well.

12. The dog watched me cut the meat.

13. Can you help me to clean the rooms?

14. He appeared to have been asked this question already.

15. The parents were glad to have seen their son.

16. We don't want you to leave.

Задание 4. Выберите соответствующий вариант перевода. А.

1. The text was to be translated yesterday.

а) Текст был переведен вчера.

в) Текст надо было перевести вчера.

2. They need time to repair the machine.

а) Им нужно время, чтобы отремонтировать


в) Им нужно со временем отремонтировать


3. I am glad to have studied at this school.

а) Я рада, что учусь в этой школе, в) Я рада, что училась в этой школе.

4. То read much is to know much.

а) Чтобы много знать, надо много читать, в) Много читать — значит много знать.

5. The students were to be writing this exercise
at the lesson.

а) Студенты писали это упражнение на уроке, в) Студенты должны были писать это упраж­нение на уроке.

6. There is only one thing to be done.

а) Есть только одно, что нужно сделать, в) Нужно сделать только одно. В.

1. Это — книга, которую надо прочитать всем.

a) This is the book to be read by all.

b) This book is read by all.

2. Студенты попросили объяснить правило.

a) The students asked about the rule
to be explained.

b) The students asked to explain the rule.

3. Быть хорошим специалистом значит много знать.

a) То be a good specialist one should know much.

b) To be a good specialist is to know much.

4. Компьютер использовался для обработки данных.

a) A computer was used to process the data.

b) A computer used the data to be processed.

5. Я бы хотел, чтобы мне ответили сразу.

a) I'd like to be answered at once.


b) I'd like to answer at once. 6. Казалось, детектив слушает меня внимательно.

a) The detective seemed to have listened to me attentively.

b) The detective seemed to be listening to me attentively.

Задание 5. Определите функцию инфинитива в предложении. А.

1. подлежащее 2. часть состав­ного глаголь­ного сказуемо­го 3. часть состав­ного именного сказуемого 4. дополнение 5. определение 6. обстоятельство

1. То keep a secret is one of the

most difficult things.

2. Our plan is to go to the Crimea.

3. It may rain tonight.

4. To skate is very pleasant.

5. My brother asked me to post his

letter. 6. The problem to be discussed was rather serious.

7. The detective saw the old man

enter the house.

8. The Petrovs had to leave for

Moscow to help their friend.

9. Do they want to be informed

about your arrival?

10. Your friend was the first to
answer our question.

11. I have no desire to go to the

South. 12.The operators should have done

this work in time.

13. We decided to spend our vacations abroad.

14. Ann asked me to wait for her in the park.


15. The girls stayed at home to help their mother about the house.

16. Both partners were happy to meet us.

17. It is too cold to swim today.

18. The coach watched the boys play football.

19. Our lab assistant seems to be working later than usually.

20. Do you want to study English abroad?


1. To solve this task is not easy. 2. Our company is ready to discuss this plan. 3. To obtain the Master degree one should work hard. 4. My son tried to do the work himself. 5. To read much is to know much. 6. Our engineer was asked to explain his method. 7. He has a dream to become a champion. 8. This is the text to be translated at home. 9. The stranger stopped to smoke. 10. Children, you are to study well. 11. The plan to be discussed at the meeting is very complex. 12. Your duty is to control the machine operation. 13. The students began to write their tests. 14. To translate this text we used a new dictionary. 15. Can you speak English well? 16. My younger sister likes to be read fairy tales. 17. This operation can be done by hand. 18. He was very sorry to have been of little help. 19. To make this experiment they had to buy new equipment. 20. In winter we would often ski in the mountains. 21. This is a good book to read. 22. It is difficult to make this experiment. 23. Now you have a good garden to play in.

Задание 6. Заполните пропуски нужной формой инфинитива. А.

1. You must... this letter at once.

2. Don't they want... this letter?


3. He is glad... the letter already. 1. answer
4. I want him... my call. 2. to answer
5. We'd like our question... as soon 3. to be an-
as possible.   swered
6. Your friend seemed... her letter 4. to be answer-
when I came.   ing
7. Did you see him... my letter? 5. to have an-
8. Our letter appeared... recently.   swered
9. Who will...his call? 6. to have been
10. They have... the detective's   answered



  properly. 2. to know
  I am sorry not... your brother 3. to be known
  before. 4. have known
  You are... the material better. 5. to have known
  This is the fact... by all of you. 6. to have been
6. My mother was the last... the news.   known
7. The information appeared... to our partners already.    
8. We seem... your uncle for ages.    
9. The detective must... the details.    

10. He could... all these facts.



1. write 2. to write 3. to be written 4. to be writing 5. have written 6. to have writ­ten 7. to have been written


1. May I... this exercise at home?

2. No, you are... the exercise at the


3. The teacher watched the

students... tests.

4. This is the composition... in the

classroom. 5.1 want you... this test offhand.

6. They seem... tests at the moment.

7. Peter was the first... the course


8. The text translation appeared...

by 12 a.m.

9. She is sorry not... the article


10. Your son should... his report in time.


1. Do they... this man well?

2. The teacher wants us... this rule 1. know

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