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Задание З. Заполните пропуски нужной формой причастия. Переведите предложения на русский язык. А

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1. Nobody could answer the questions... by you.

1. asked 2. asking 3. being asked 4. having asked 5. having been asked

2.... a lot of questions the

detective left the room.

3. You are to answer the questions

... by me before.

4. The boys followed the famous sportsman... many questions.

5. When... he usually answered at once.

The questions were difficult. The question her answer.

by the teacher, we waited for

1. doing 2. done 3. being done 4. having done 5. having been


The work... by you now is rather interesting. My son was in the garden... something.

... this hard work he could have a rest.

The task... before, they had not

to do it again.

All exercises... by the students

will help them to write the tests

well. Done, While... this operation be very

careful..... all work about the house

mother went shopping.


1. (Talked/talking) loudly the assistants left the lab. 2. The car stopped before the (being shut/shut) door. 3. It was the castle (being built/built) some centuries ago. 4. Th

instruction (being/been) in German, we couldn't translate it.

5. The picture (bought/buying) by Ann was very beautiful.

6. She went out of the room (leaving/left) the door open.

7. (Been/being) fond of music we often go to various concerts.

8. (Having seen/seeing) this film before I didn't go to the
cinema with him. 9. The travelers couldn't see the sun
(covered/covering) by clouds. 10. (Having discussed/
discussing) the details we signed the contract. 11. Tell us
about the country (visited/visiting) by you in summer.
12. (Entered/entering) the classroom the teacher greeted the
students. 13. The captain didn't see the little dog (sat/sitting)
beside him. 14. My friend wrote many interesting books, the
last one(been/being) the best. 15. The sun (being risen/having
risen), we began working.

Задание 4. Выберите нужную форму причастия. Переведи­те предложения на русский язык.

1. Who saw him (being left/leaving) for Kiev last evening? 2. New combines (produced/producing) by the Rostselmash will be exported to many countries. 3. It (being rained/raining) cats and dogs, we had to stay at home. 4. (Having signed/signing) the contract the partners left the office. 5. Nobody knew the man (sat/sitting) on the bench. 6. He didn't see the train (being left/leaving) the station slowly. 7. The girls (introduced/introducing) by our teacher were twins. 8. (Building/having built) a new house we moved to it in autumn. 9. The captain sat on the shore, his eyes (being followed/following) the boat. 10. It (been/being) too late, he had to return to the village. 11. While (made/making) an experiment the lab assistant registered the device readings into his note book. 12. (Having read/reading) a new text the students used dictionaries.

Задание 5. Найдите и исправьте ошибки.

1. In the evening I heard sing her a song. 2. Having




Задание1. Определите тип предложения
1. простое

2. сложно­сочиненное 3. сложно-подчинен­ное

reaching the city we decided to have a rest. 3. His books publish abroad were translated into several languages. 4. Heat been a form of energy, it can do various things. 5. We are making important experiments, some results having being achieved already. 6. Have lost the way I couldn't return to our hotel. 7. All the tickets for the concert were sold leave no chance for me to hear the famous singer. 8. Who saw the boys played football? 9. Done the task the operators left the lab. 10. The weather be very cold, our children had to stay at home. 11. The toys producing by us now are in great demand everywhere. 12. New machines be tested at the moment came from Italy, each have spare parts.

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