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Задание 1. Определите категорию предлога

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I. London is the capital of Great

The students are at the lesson now.


This work was done in May. During the Great Patriotic war the Rostselmach worked for the Front.

5. места

At 9 o'clock I'll go to Moscow. My father usually goes to work by bus.

In some days we shall work at our reports.

8. This book is written by W. Shakespear.

9. They will take their exams in June.

10. Children, take your books out of your bags and put them on the desks.

11. There was a beautiful garden behind his


After graduating from the higher school we shall work in various spheres of our country national economy.


Let us go to the theatre or to the cinema on Sunday.

14. In the north and in the east Russia is washed by two oceans.

15. What city are you from?

16. Please, give that book to me.

17. Rostov-on-Don is situated on the right bank of the Don.

18. You may take this dictionary in our library.


19. Take that book from him and give it to me.

20. In two weeks I shall go to the USA by plane.

21. Will you work in the lab on Monday?

Задание 2. Заполните пропуски соответствующими пред­логами времени.

1. after 2. at 3. before 4. by 5. during 6. for 7. from...till 8. in 9. on 10. since


1. Usually I get up... 7 o'clock.

2. We have no classes... Sundays.

3.... summer the weather is fine.

4. They will be good specialists... some


5. The students will work here... six...ten.

6. As a rule we are writing such tests... two


7.... that time nobody saw him.

8. I do my morning exercises... breakfast.

9.... the Great Patriotic war Rostov was

badly ruined.

10. He worked here... the Army.

11. My sister will read your book... tomorrow.

12. We often visit our grandparents... classes.

13. The Smirnovs will live here... some years.

14.... 1991 our family moved abroad.

15. There will be no lectures... Wednesday.
16.... 10 o'clock I'll do the task.

Задание З. Употребите соответствующий пространствен­ный предлог.

1. above 2. across 3. around 4. at

1. There is a beautiful garden...our house.

2. Do you like that bridge... the river?

3. All the students are... the lessons now.



5. behind 6. from 7. in front of 8. in 9. into 10. on 11. out of 12. over 13. through 14. to 15. under

4. Where are the children? They are... the


5. Get........ my way.

6. Children, put your books... your bags.

7. Is your house... the center of the city?

8. There was a green lamp... the table.

9. He will sit... you.

10. Usually the boys go... school together.

11. The stranger went... their boat.

12. She came home... school rather late.

13. Ann, take my book... him, please.

14. Will you come... the room?

15. The old man led us... the forest.

16. Please, put these dictionaries... the bookcase.

17. There was a bench... the tree.

Задание 4. Заполните пропуски соответствующими падеж­ными предлогами

1. by 2. from 3. of 4. to 5. with
our Academy. it he will be a highly

1. He is the student

2. After graduating skilled engineer.

3. Please, give this box... him.

4. Was this book written... your favourite writer?

5. This knife is very sharp, don't cut... it.

6. Will you pass the salt... me?

7. Your sister is the best student... our group.

8. The work was done... my friend.

9. His letter is written... a pencil.

10. Listen... me attentively.

11. The state flag... the USA is called "Stars and Stripes"

12. Who will give this letter... him?


13. As a rule I go home... bus.

14. All relatives... my aunt live abroad.

15. Don't write... this pen, take mine.

16. Let them travel... plane.

17. Does he go... school?

Задание 5. Употребите нужный предлог.

1. Thank you... these beautiful flowers.

2. Did you get here...bus?

3. Some people like to talk... themselves all the time.

4. Will you listen... me?

5. My son went... school...the age... seven.

6. This book is written... our teacher.

7. It is impossible to live... money.

8. Don't cut... this knife.

9. Our team went... Moscow... plane.

10. Are these shelves made... you?

11. Shall I take your books... him?

12. What do you know... this man?

13. The train leaves... 10 o'clock.

14. Will you give this dictionary... me?

15. They are not afraid... him.

16. The delegation was met...our manager and taken... the hotel.

17. Are you good... cooking?

18. It's very kind... him to invite us... the cinema.

19. My grandmother likes films... happy ends.

20. We shall speak... your father... phone.

21. Our flat is...the second floor.

22. She will come... you... Sunday.

23. Ann is very different... her sister.

24. These books belong... my friend.









7. on





25. Don't speak... that strange man.

26. Soon we'll graduate... the University.

27. What company do you work...?

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