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College life

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As you know I am a student of College of Mycolajiv State University named after V. Suhomlinsky. Our college neither old nor new and quite big above 800 students. It is situated in the center of our district close to my home. It takes me only up to ten minutes to get there. I go to college five times a week. Our classes start at 8 o’clock a.m. and last till 2 o’clock p.m. So we have 3 or 4 lessons a day. We study many different subjects: Ukrainian, Law, English, Ukrainian History, Economy, Book-keeping, Programming and computer sciences.

The college year is divided into two terms. It begins on the 1st of September known as a Day of Knowledge and normally finishes in May. After that we take exams. Each terms is followed by holidays.

How does our University look like? It is a fivestoreyed, glass and concrete building. It has many blocks. Our college is situsted in the yard of University in the 10th block. Some of our lectures are held in the main block of University. It has many classrooms, laboratories and specialized rooms. Specialized rooms are used to study book-keeping, typing, economy. These rooms are equipped with corresponding teaching materials, facilities and devices. Computer laboratories (labs) are equipped with computers, printers and scanners. Every classroom has a flower-stand or some pots on the window-panes with beautiful home plants or flowers. The teacher’s desk is usually between the pupils’ ones and the blackboard. There are about twenty desks in each classroom.

On the ground floor there is a cloak-room,and class-rooms and lavatory. The assembly hall is on the third floor. There we have various events, meetings and concerts take place. The gymnasium (gym) is in the yard of University. In the gym we have physical training lessons and sorts of sport competitions are held here,

On the ground floor of our college there is teachers’ room. You can see there a telephone, a computer and a fax machine. The teachers’ room is quite comfortable and cozy and some teachers like to spend their time there. On the first floor of our college there is an administrative office.

On the second floor of University we can see a library with a reading room. We borrow books from the library at often work in its reading room. If you can’t find a necessary book you will be able to use a computer, which is in the library.

By the way, our college is situated in a picturesque place. It is surrounded by the park where differe trees, bushes, flowers grow. There is a stadium near the building of our college.

I like my college very much and I am very happy to study there.


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