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My spare time

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Nowadays everybody knows that people are very busy and don’t have much time to spare.Sometimes it’s only the weekend and I think that every day-off needs some special planning. The English say: "Who knows how to work, knows how to rest". I think it’s true. In my view rest is as important as work. So I try to treasure every hour and think of the ways of having a good time in the best way possible for me.
I prefer to spend my free time with the people whose company I always enjoy. I also like to spend my spare time alone, when I’m tired and haven’t got any desire to talk to anybody, very often I want to get away from noisy streets and go to the countryside and change the scenery. On the other hand I may go to different entertainment centers such as disco clubs, art centers including cinema, theatre, concerts halls, etc.

There are people who want to broaden and enrich their knowledge during their free time. I’m among them; I go to the library or reading-hall where I can find a lot of books written by my favourite writers and poets. I must add that I never have enough time to enjoy reading and more often read a book or a magazine late in the evening. Or I can go to the museums and picture galleries where I can see the works of well-known painters and sculptors of all times. I don’t forget the computer – my greatest helper in searching for knowledge.

If you want to be strong and healthy, go in for sports. There are many sports clubs, swimming-pools, gymnasiums and sport grounds for everybody who loves sports. Sport will make you not only healthier and stronger, but kinder, more sociable, cheerful and even wiser. Sport will give you its strength and energy and you’ll become a greater admirer of life with all its problems and wonders. (As for me I ...)
Moreover, there are a lot of people, who prefer less energetic activities, such as chess, cards, crosswords.
And don’t forget about hobbies. You should have at least one, it’ll help you to relax, dream and enjoy lifer. There are so many hobbies to choose: painting, computer programming, photography, fishing, gardening, cooking, walking, learning languages, collecting something and what not. It’s a pleasure to see lots of things made with your own hands, to look through a large collection of old and rare coins, books or stamps, to present your friends with the pictures and drawings created by yourself, to amuse everyone with your green winter garden at home. So, look around more carefully and you’ll find your own and the only one (or even more). Hobbies give people moments of pride and excitement but take a lot of time, energy and even money.

Tastes differ and if you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky. (So my hobby is ...)

Travelling is also a good way to spend my spare time. Visiting new places, seeing sights and meeting new people is a very exciting and useful relaxation. I can go hiking. In summer I like to be outdoors from morning till night, sunbathing, walking barefoot on the grass. My family or my friends are the very people to go with to the riverbank, to the forest or to the seashore. It's really wonderful to put up a tent, make a fire and spend time in a picturesque place.

People are dreamers, our dreams are different but each person chooses his own way of spending free time, either passive or active. In any case leisure should be refreshment and a source of inspiration.

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