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Is it always risky to wear either too cheap or too worn-looking clothes for the environment in which you work?

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Positive or negative image may also be factor in why someone wants to continue to do business with a firm or switches to another executive or professional.

What do you think will you be taken off the list of candidates? Why?

The one who doesn`t have a habit to follow to 6 principles of Etiquette . The one who doesn`t follow these poins:

  1. Avoid using slang or derogatory expressions.
  2. Show an interest in what someone else is saying.
  3. Use proper English as well as correct grammar in your oral or written communications.
  4. Pronounce proper names, especially last names correctly.
  5. Keep all office secrets – professional or personal to yourself.
  6. Be careful about what information is overheard by co-workers or visitors when having meetings or conducting telephone business, especially if the conversations are of a personal nature.

Will your “Thank letter” be highly appreciated if it is a photocopied letter? Who can it offend?

I think it won`t be appreciated, because the one you sent the letter may think that you just took someone`s letter and copied it, so he(she) will think that you do not respect him(her). The person could be offended. It`s better to write your own letter, and print it using printer, not using Xerox, even when it was done by yourself.

Will you be asked to resign if you swear occasionally and verbally abusive to co-workers?

Yes, it is possible for me to be resigned if I were the one as in the situation.

What can you write on your on the business card about a person you should remember?

The date, physical characteristics, hobbies, College, date of birth.

The Americans name useful information about people they deal with, “notable tidbits”. Think over and say what information can it be? Date you met? Distinguishing physical characteristics? Height?Hair color? Build? Town of birth? College attended? Hobbies?

One helpful tip to remember names is to get a business card of a person you met and t make notes of the date, physical characteristics, hobbies, College, date of birth… it is necessary to keep discrete in those descriptions in case if someone else has access to the notes about clients or business associates.

What has to be the style of these notes, if you know that others may have access to your card or address file? Should you be discrete in your descriptions?

I should be vague and discrete.

What should you do if you see someone you are supposed to know whose name you have forgotten? What may be the ways out?

If it occurs to see someone whose name is forgotten, it is highly recommended to avoid blurting out: “Forgive me, but I do not remember your name” but a take a few moments to ask questions which will help to remember the name by associations. (“What are you up to these days?”) Do so to put the person in the context in which you met each other and maybe the question helps trigger the memory about how the acquaintance was made and what the name was.


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