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My Future Profession

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Biotechnologists are researchers who use microscopic analysis and laboratory experiments to collect and analyze biological, microbiological, and biochemical data. They examine blood and tissue for signs of disease or viruses, and test the effects of different medicines on bacteria. Biotechnologists have made many discoveries that have led to improved human health. They can also work in forensics laboratories identifying and comparing materials such as blood, body fluids and hair.

The Things They Do:

· Collect samples and conduct biological, microbiological and biochemical tests and laboratory analyses;

· Perform or assist in scientific experiments;

· Set up and maintain laboratory equipment;

· Analyze research information and prepare reports;

Duties may be related to a number of developing specialties in the field of biotechnology, including forensic sciences, genetic engineering and human cell culture.

Working Conditions:

Biotechnologists often work in sterile laboratories within research teams and alongside scientists. A great deal of time is spent working alone, over a microscope and/or working in front of computers. The work requires tremendous attention to detail and intense concentration.

Most Biotechnologists Work In:

· Government agencies;

· Food, chemical and drug manufacturing companies;

· Biotechnology companies;

· Health research facilities and natural resource companies;

· Universities;

· Pharmaceutical companies;

To follow biotechnology as a preferred profession, you must have a sound grounding in science from the early school days. You must have keen interest in various branches of science not just for the sake of study or for obtaining good grades. Rather, you must have a keen perception to understand scientific applications and even keep pace with the latest news from the scientific world.

Important traits for getting into this domain are a high degree of intelligence and a general aptitude for science and scientific applications.

Since biotechnology is redefining the boundaries of science, to become a part of such an innovative field you must posses an inherent attitude of originality and imagination. Other skills that will sail you through a successful and a fulfilling career in this path-breaking area are perseverance, immense patience, analytical proficiency, ability to work for long hours and team spirit.

Biotechnology assimilates in itself a number of disciplines. Further, there is a great demand for biotechnical experts in countless industries and sectors. The following are applications where biotechnological techniques are used extensively:

· Agriculture

· Animal Husbandry

· Environment Conservation

· Genetic Engineering

· Health Care

· Medicine

· Industrial Research and Development

Career opportunities for students in biotechnology abound. Those specializing in different sub-disciplines of this field can easily find jobs in both private and government sector undertakings. If you have acquired a post-graduate degree in biotechnology then you can easily find a suitable position in a number of industries.

Major recruiters include industries engaged in processing and developing agricultural and biological products, bio-processing industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. There are ample opportunities in industries producing healthcare products, textile industry, cosmetics and organisations engaged in different types of industrial research and development.

These days a growing number of qualified biotechnical professionals are engaged by different industries for environment protection activities and for the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Exercise 1

Find in the text the English equivalents of the following words and expressions:

исследователи; собирать и анализировать сведения; собирать образцы; проводить биохимические тесты; проводить научные эксперименты; готовить отчеты; широкие возможности; деятельность по защите окружающей среды.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences:

1.Biotechnologists are researchers who…

2. Biotechnologists often work in…

3. The work requires…

4. Most biotechnologists work in…

5. To follow biotechnology as a preferred profession, you must…

6. Major recruiters include industries engaged in…

Exercise 3

Answer the questions:

1. Who are biologists?

2. What do they do?

3. What can you tell about working condition of biologists?

4. Where are biotechnological techniques used extensively?

5. What are the career opportunities for students in biotechnology?



Do yon agree or not? Comment on the following statements.

1. A good name is better than riches.

2. A little body often harbours a great soul.

3. A word is enough to the wise.

4. All that glitters is not gold.

5. Handsome is as handsome does.

6. He that is full of himself is very empty.

7. You cannot judge a tree by its bark.


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