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A taxi, sometimes called a cab, is the most comfortable way to travel. You simply hail a taxi in the street or go to a taxi-rank where there are several taxis waiting, for example, at a station. At the end of your journey you can see how much the fare is by looking at the meter. You add a tip to this, and that’s all. Very simple. But expensive!

What about taking a bus? It has two floors, it's called a double-decker and you can get a good view from the top.If it has only one floor, it's called a single-decker. Most buses have a two-person crew: the driver who drives, of course, and the conductor (or the conductress if it is the woman) who takes your money. Keep your ticket because an inspector might want to check it. You catch a bus by waiting at the bus stop. You can see where a bus is going because the destination is written on the front. But try to avoid the rush hour.

Quicker then the bus is the underground (called the tube in London, the subway in New-York and the metro in Paris and many other cities). You buy your ticket at the (booking) ticket office. Go down to the platform on the escalator or on the lift. The train comes. The door opens. You get in. You look at the map or the underground system. Very simple.

For longer distances take a train or a long distance bus, usually called a coach which is slower but cheaper. The train is very fast. Put your luggage on the rack and sit and wait till you arrive.

Exercise 1

Find in the text English equivalents of the following words and word combinations:

стоянка такси; поймать такси; добавить чаевые; хороший вид сверху; пригородный автобус; маршрут; час пик; метро; билетная касса; спуститься на платформу на эскалаторе; положить свой багаж на полку.


Exercise 2

Complete the sentences:

1. A taxi, called sometimes a …, is the most comfortable way to travel.

2. At the end of the journey you can see how much the … is by looking at the meter.

3. If a bus has two floors, it is called a … and f it has only one floor it is called a … .

4. You can see where a bus is going because the … is written on the front.

5. To pay for bus transportation you have to drop money in the … … or you can buy a special … to be used for the day, week or month.

Exercise 3

Answer the questions:

1. What kinds of transport can you name?

2. What kind of transportation is the most comfortable in your opinion and why?

3. What can you say about buses as a kind of transportation?

4. What will you do if you have to take a taxi, but you cannot stop a cab?

5. What are the advantages of the underground?

6. What are the advantages of buses?



Do yon agree or not? Comment on the following statements.

1.East or West, home is best.

2. When at Rome, do as the Romans do.

3. There is no place like home.

Role Play

Town Conflict

Setting: At the Town Meeting.

Situation: A small town is faced with a difficult decision: to allow a high-rise apartment to be built which will close a strip mall and take land away from a park. The land developer and construction company employ several townspeople and are depending on this contract to keep everyone working. If the high-rise is built, the small strip mall will be demolished and the small businesses will have to close. The park is an ideal location for kids to enjoy themselves and there is a group of citizens who wish to build a skate park for the children. What will be the outcome of this situation?


Card I — The mayor. He is seeking re-election and don't want anything to risk losing the election. He avoids controversy in any way possible; he does not want to do anything to anger any group.

Card II — A citizen of the town. There is a park next to his neighborhood that is slated for a high-rise development for senior citizens, a convenience store, and a coffee shop. He does not want anything built there because he wants the park to be a city park developed with a skate park for the children of the community. He is leading a group of citizens against this development.

Card III – A land developer. He has deadlines to meet and 20 people on his payroll. He does not have time for delays.

Card IV— the city attorney. There is a legal problem because the mayor did not clear the land through all the proper channels, and as far as you're concerned, the land deal is not approved. Your job is to make certain the law is followed. Do not display leadership qualities. Keep repeating that the mayor has to resolve this, it's his problem, not yours.


Write an essay on one of the following topics:

1. The problems of modern cities.

2. The place I’d like to visit.

3. The city of my dream.

Unit 6

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