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Program, Abstracts and Publication

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Abstracts of invited and contributed papers will be distributed in book form at the Conference. These will be reproduced by a photographic process, and the text should be typewritten using a carbon ribbon and single spacing on one side only of a single sheet of A4 size paper (length 29xbreadth 210 mm), with a clear margin of 25 mm all round.


a) title of paper

b) names and address of authors institution

c) names of authors with name of speaker underlined

d) text of abstract including diagrams - all within the space available.
This abstract should be sent by air mail to the Conference Secretary, to

arrive no later than15th May 2001.

It is intended that a maximum of about 130 contributed papers will be presented at the title, to limit the number of papers to be presented by any of the authors, and to reject papers. The authors of papers accepted for presentation will be notified as soon as possible after May 15l, and they will be sent full details concerning the form, length, etc. required for the preparation of the manuscripts of their papers for publication in the Conference in order to be published. The Proceedings will take the form of a regular volume of the international journal "Ferroelectrics", and a copy will be sent to every participant.

Overhead projectors will be available at the meeting to project transparencies, and also slide projectors to project 5x5 cm slides. The projection of 16 mm cine films will be possible if the Conference Secretary is advised beforehand.

Important dates, 2001

May15th - deadline for receipt of Abstracts

July15th - deadline for registration and advance payments

September 10th- opening of Conference and deadline for submission of


Practical assignment: Read these items of information and interview the imaginary participant of the Conference. Use the expressions given above.

Reading & translating of the text:


Dear Sir,

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you a formal invitation to attend our Conference that will be held in Oxford in May, 2002.

The Organizing Committee has prepared a program that will be both informative and enjoyable.

We are confident that your presence will contribute toward making the Congress an outstanding event.

We should be very grateful if you would agree to participate. If you wish to make a contribution, please, let us know its title.

Sincerely your, (signature)

Practical assignment: Make up the invitation of у our own.

Reading & translating of the text:


Dear Sir,

Unfortunately I received your kind invitation too late to prepare my contribution for the Conference you have invited. In addition to that I have some previous engagements, which would be most inconvenient for me to cancel.

It was extremely inspiring for me to find in your letter a few words appreciating my studies. Thank you. I wish every success to the Conference.

Yours sincerely, (signature)


Dear Sirs,

I have received your kind invitation. Thank you. It appears from your letter that the Conference will take place in June. It makes my participation impossible because of my previous engagements.

I should like to inform you that I shall be waiting for a new opportunity of meeting my colleagues. I wish every success to the Conference.

I remain, Yours sincerely, (signature)

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