1. Customs and Traditions
  2. Customs and traditions in Great Britain
  3. Customs and traditions of Great Britain
  4. Holidays, traditions and customs in England
  5. In what way do the techniques applied to the study of office systems and paperwork differ from those used in assessing manual work?
  6. OpenDocument, Open Document Format for Office Applications
  7. Recruitment and Training: Becoming a Police Officer in the USA
  8. Recruitment and Training: Becoming a Police Officer in the USA
  9. Time, schools began stationing police officers in hallways, which also
  10. Traditions and customs
  11. TRAVELLING. At the Customs

Customs Officer: ?

Visitor: Thats right. Shall I open it?

C: .

V: I dont think I have, though I have a box of cigarettes for my own use. I believe they are duty free.

C: .

Fill in the Customs Declaration:


Full name ____________________________________

Citizenship __________________________________

Arriving from_________________________________

Country of destination__________________________

Purpose of visit________________________________

(business, tourism, private, etc.)

My luggage (including hand luggage) submitted for Customs inspection consists of ___________ pieces.

With me and in my luggage I have:

1. Weapons of all descriptions and ammunition_______________

2. Narcotics and appliances for the use there of _______________

3. Antiques and objects of art (paintings, drawings, icons, sculptures, etc.)________________________________________

4. Ukraininan money ___________________________________

5. Currency other Ukrainian money (bank notes, coins, payment bills, cheques, letters of credit) in foreign currencies, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) in any form of condition, crude and

processed natural precious stones (diamonds, brilliants, rubies, emeralds saphiresand pearls), jewelry and other articles made of precious metals and precious stones.

Description Amount\quantity In figures\in words For official use
US Dollars    
Pounds Sterling    
French Francs    

6. Ukrainian money, other currency, any objects belonging to other persons_________________________________________

7. I am aware that, in addition to the objects listed in the Customs Declaration, I must submit for inspection: printed matter, manuscripts, films, sound recordings, postage stamps, graphics, etc, plants, fruits, seeds, live animals, birds, as well as raw fodstuffs of animal origin and slaughtered fowl.

8. I also declare that my luggage sent separately consists of _______


Date Owner of luggage


Practical assignments: ASKING THE WAY

Make short conversation using the following expressions & sentences:


to go by tram (bus, train) (, )

to go on foot, to walk

How does one get to the center of the city? ?

Route No 5 takes you right there. ϒ .

It takes me 15 minutes to get to the station. 15 .

There are only 4 stops on the 5th route. 5- 4 .

Where do we change? ?

If we go this way well have to change at Tolstoy Square. , .


to pay the fare for the trip

Can you change a 10 rouble note? 10 ?

I have got five roubles in change. 5 .

I have no small change. .

I gave him 2 kopecks change.- 2 .

To pick up passengers at special stops

To draw up to stop


bus service

a private bus service

Ive missed my stop

The tram is packet full

Rush hours


The Metro, the underground

Complete the following dialogues:

A: Pardon me, where is the taxi stand?


A: Oh, yes. Thank you.


A: Excuse me, is this Nevsky Prospect?


A: Thank you.



B: No, take the street on the left, go straight & the theatre is in the front of you across the river.

A: .

B: Youre welcome.

Make up a story of how you got to the place you wanted in the town in which you stayed for the first time. Recall a funny incident that happened to you or one of your friends.

Practical assignments: HOTEL

Fill in the reservation card:

HILTON HOTEL 7 Avenue, New York Tel. 728439
ACCOMODATION RESERVED No. of nights.. Dates.. Single/Double room With/without private bathroom Name Address Tel

Insert the words from the list in the text according to their meaning:

Most hotels offer and rooms, for one and two people respectively.

The procedure take a few minutes. The guest is given a to fill in: the name and the address, the passport number. When the formalities are over, the shows the guests to their rooms. For each service the bellman will . If any information is required, it can be received at the hotels , which is supervised by a .

A hotel bill can be paid in and .

The guests may also pay with when checking out.

List of words:

travelers checks double

check-in information desk

expect a tip credit cards

single registration card


bellman (porter)

Practical assignments: ORDERING A MEAL

Fill in each blank with one word related to food. Choose from the list:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 |

. . (0.007 .)

| | c | |