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Practical assignments: Paraphrase the following sentence

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instead ofwe can say:

first circular preliminary announcement

to complete to fill in

to receive to get

to direct to guide

promoter initiator

to second to support

to commence to begin

matter thing

to take the floor to speak

to exercise to train

to consider to think over

to forward to send

to submit to present for consideration

to appoint to nominate

points for consideration items

alteration change

to come towards an end to end


1. Initially an Organizing Committee sends to all the establishments concerned the so-called First Circular.

2. Those who want to attend the Conference should complete the Application Form and mail it without delay.

3. This will ensure the applicant to receive further information.

4. The course of any Conference is directed by the Chairman.

5. It is the duty of the promoters of the meeting to elect the Chairman.

6. If a nomination is offered somebody must second it.

7. It is customary for the newly elected Chairman, before commencing his duties, to thank the members for placing their confidence in him.

8. When the meeting is opened, the first matter for the Chairman is to read the agenda.

9. Anyone who wants to take the floor should ask the Chairman beforehand or by simply raising his hand.

10. It is highly advisable to exercise the speech beforehand in order to avoid disappointment.

11. The agenda is a list of the subjects which the Conference is called to consider.

12. As a rule the agenda is forwarded to members when sending out notices summoning the Conference.

13. If the reports are submitted to the Secretary it is not necessary to set them out in full; a reference in the minutes by which the report may be identified will usually be enough.

14. A Committee is free to appoint its own Chairman and to meet when it is convenient.

15. After all the points for consideration have been thrashed out the Committee draws up its report or its resolution which is submitted to the main body.

16. When motions are brought certain alterations may be suggested and these alterations are spoken of as amendments to the original motions.

17. In such a way the meeting is coming towards the end.


Practical assignments: React to the statements below using one of the given introductory phrases: I quite agree with you; you are quite right; so it is; it is really so; of course, it is; it is wrong; I can't agree with you; on the contrary; I don't believe that; as far as I know; it seems unlikely that:

1. Any scientific Conference is usually convened by an Organizing Committee.

2. The Organizing Committee continues to exist till the end of the Conference.

3. The First Circular states information about the Conference.

4. The Preliminary Announcement does not acquaint the participants with the main program of the future Conference.

5. The Application Forms help the organizers of the Conference to plan better their work.

6. The Second Circular is of no importance for the participants of the Conference.

7. All the work of the Conference is directed by the Chairman.

8. It is not customary for the newly elected Chairman to thank the members for placing their confidence in him.

9. The Vice-Chairman has the same duties as the Chairman.

10. When the meeting is opened the agenda is not read to the audience.

11. It is highly advisable to exercise the speech beforehand in order to avoid disappointment.

12. It is not important for the meeting to restrict the speakers to the business mentioned on the agenda.

13. The duty of the Secretary is to make notes from which the minutes must be written up.

14. The minutes as a rule are a detailed account of the work of the Conference.

15. When a Conference cannot devote sufficient time to a specific matter a Committee or a Section is appointed to thrash out the business.

16. It is not absolutely necessary for a Conference to adopt any resolution or appeal.

17. The Drafting Committee is elected to present a draft resolution.

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