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Organization of the work of the Conference

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1. Конференція відкривається ... The conference will open at... on...

2. Конференція призначена на The conference is scheduled for Monday


3. Конференція організована… The conference organized by…

4. Підготовка конференції проведена The preparations for the Conference

дуже старанно have been made with the utmost care by

5. На конференції будуть присутні... The conference is attended by...

делегатів delegates

6. Наша організація пишається тим, Our organization is happy and proud
що зібрала вас тут на ... to have brought you together here in ...

7. Делегати, які приймають The delegates participating in the work

(беруть) участь у цій конференції, of the conference should register

повинні зареєструватись на... themselves in ...

8. На конференції будуть працювати The conference will divide in three

З секції... work sections.

9. Перша (друга) секція The first (second) section

10. Порядок денний та хід The agenda and the rules of

проведення конференції procedure are adopted unanimously.

затверджені одностайно

11. За пропозицією містера А. At the proposal of Mr. A.

містер Н. обраний головою Mr. N. Is elected President

конференції of the Conference.

12. Конференція працюватиме під The conference will work under

головуванням містера Н. the chairmanship of Mr. N.

13. Професори Б. та С. обрані Prof. B. and Prof. S. are elected

заступниками голови конференції vice-presidents of the conference.

14. Необхідно створити комітет по It's necessary to set up

виробленню проекту резолюції a Drafting Committee.

15. Є які-небудь пропозиції? Are there any recommendations?

16.За рекомендацією професора Б. At the recommendation of Prof. B.

комітет по виробленню проекту the Drafting Committee

резолюції складається із ... членів is composed of... persons.

17. Пропозиції будуть розроблені The recommendations will be

комітетом по виробленню проекту drafted by the Drafting Committee and

резолюції і розглянуті учасниками considered by the participants of the

конференції conference.

18. Особисто я підтримую цю 1 personally welcome this

пропозицію recommendation

19. Дебати будуть проходити після The debates will take place after

20. Скликання цієї конференції The holding of this conference has

викликане .... been prompted by ...

21. Конференція скликана за This conference is held on the

ініціативою... initiative of...

22. Делегації представляють ... The delegations represent ...

23. Вступне слово скаже... The introductory report will be

presented by.

24. Основна доповідь буде The main report is presented by.


25. Заключна доповідь буде The closing report will be given by


26. Голова Вченої ради зробить The Chairman or the Scientific

доповідь Council will give his report on ...

27. Після його доповіді His report will be followed by Prof. A. 's report.

доповідатиме професор А.

28. Наступну доповідь буде The report to follow will he given by


29. Він повідомить про ... He 'II report on ...

30. Тема його доповіді... The subject of his report is ...

31. Коментарі будуть включені The comments will be included in

в заключну доповідь. the final report.

32. Багато зроблено ... для Much has been done by ... to ensure

забезпечення успішної роботи the success of this conference


33. Матеріали (тези) конференції The results of the conference will

будуть опубліковані. appear in a book.

Practical assignment: Make up dialogues combining the phrases given in the substitution patterns.

A: Hello, old chap! Haven't seen you for ages! Good morning, old boy. How nice to see you again! Hello, Mike! What a surprise to see you. It's been ages since I saw you last. Hello, old man! I'm very pleased to meet you again.  
B: Oh, it's a real pleasure. How are you getting on? Fancy seeing you here! How's life treating you? I didn't expect to see you here. How are things? I've been hoping I'd see you here. How's life?  
A: I'm fine, thanks. What about you? Quite well, thank you. And how are you? Not so bad. Well, how are you getting on with your work? O. K., thanks. How are things with you?
B: Well, I have entered the postgraduate courses at the Academy of Sciences. You see, my dream came true. I've been taken to the department of Theoretical Physics as a junior research worker. I have won the first Komsomol Prize for my research work. I've passed all the state exams and got my diploma at last. Now I can do my scientific work.  
A: Congratulations to you. And what problem are you engaged in? My best congratulations to you. What subject do you deal with? I congratulate you on your success. What is the subject of your research? Congratulations. What problem are you interested in?  
B: Well, it's a new field of electronics, so-called micro-miniaturization. My research is connected with the breeding of highly productive cereals which would grow well in the climate of our republic. Our team is working out a new method of investigating some parameters of semiconductor materials. It is connected with neurology. To my mind, that's the most exciting field, particularly human brain research.
A: Oh, it's very interesting. But I'm afraid I must be going now. It's really a very important problem. Excuse me, but it's time for me to go. I believe the results of your research will be widely applied. Excuse me, but I must be off now. This field of science is of great significance nowadays. Well, I must go.
B: It was very nice to meet you. So, good bye for the present. I hope to see you soon. Good - bye. Drop in at our institute one of these days. Bye - bye. Call on me any time you like. I'll be looking forward to a chat. See you tomorrow. Bye-bye!
A: Good-bye. So long. See you soon! Bye-bye!

Practical assignment: Make up a dialogue on the organization of the work of the conference.

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