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British, American and Ukrainian Characters. Overcoming Stereotypes

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In the modem world people of different nationalities often come into contact with each other. To benefit from such contacts both sides should be free from prejudices and stereotypes.

National stereotypes may breed dislike or distrust of a person, group or even the whole people. As national stereotypes are based on ignorance, fear or false information they may be overcome by quality education or through personal observations of people and their manners. Quality education provides people with the knowledge of others that dispels prejudices against individuals. Thanks to quality education, travel and unbiased observations one gets to know generalized characteristics of different people that make their behaviour predictable and understandable. For example, one will do well to know that the English are a people that cannot be rushed, i.e. the English, as a rule, don't allow others to impose on them, their views, ideas or opinions. They are distrustful of extremes and resentful of interference. The English believe in themselves. They have not got the inferiority complex and are indifferent to what other people think of them. That is why they run themselves down, treat themselves with a sense of humour and dislike boasting.

The Americans, on the contrary, take pride in their achievements, and want others to admire them, to approve of them. They are cheerful, easy-going, keep on smiling no matter what challenges they face up to. The American character is optimistic and ambitious. The Americans are fond of great schemes, big sizes, open spaces, high speed, innovations and changes. They are quick on the uptake, pragmatic and efficient. The Americans are apt to change their occupations, and places of residence. They are on the move to avoid getting into the rut.

Unlike the Americans, the Ukrainians are not given to sudden changes in their social, professional and personal lives.

They value stability, continuity and predictability. The Ukrainians are inclined to stick to what they have got for fear of losing the little they have. The Ukrainian character is inflexible, and dogmatic, softened by a saving sense of humour and good – natured friendliness. It takes much persuasion to make Ukrainians adopt new notions, ideas, innovative methods and reforms.

So these are some salient national characteristics to be reckoned with while dealing with Britishers, Americans and Ukrainians.

to benefit from – извлекать пользу; to impose on smb. - давить на кого-л; inferiority complex – комплекс неполноценности; to be quick on the uptake – быстро соображать; to get into the rut – идти по накатанной колеи, поступать привычным способом;


Kyiv is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world. Kyiv is over 1,500 years old. According to the legend Kyiv was founded by 3 brothers: Kiy, Shchek and Khorif and their sister Lybid.

Nowadays Kyiv is not only the capital of Ukraine, it is also a cultural, scientific, administrative and industrial center. Kyiv is very cosmopolitan. People of different nationalities live and work there. They are Russians, Poles, Greeks, Germans, Americans and others.

Kyiv is famous for many things. Tourists come from all over the world to visit this beautiful city. The main street is Kreschatik. Like many big cities there are many government offices, administrative buildings, large cinemas, hotels, excellent restaurants, shops and cafés.

Kyiv has a rich history. It is one of the oldest city in the world. There are a great number of historical monuments: Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra (a spiritual and cultural treasury of the Ukrainian people), Saint (St.) Volodimir's Cathedral, Sophia's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, Mariynsky Palace (the official residence of the Ukrainian Government), Golden Gate etc. There are many institutes, universities, technical and secondary schools. You can see the Shevchenko University, Kyiv Mohyla Acadamy. Kyiv is proud of the Shevchenko Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Lesia Ukrainka Theatre.

Like many big cities, Kyiv has problems with traffic and pollution. Over 1,000,000 people a day use the Underground, but there are still too many cars on the streets.

People in Ukraine are proud of their capital.


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