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СЛОЖНОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ. I. Проанализируйте следующие сложные предложения и определите виды придаточных предложений, которые входят в их состав

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I. Проанализируйте следующие сложные предложения и определите виды придаточных предложений, которые входят в их состав. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1. A hundred years after Newton discovered the law of gravitation, Columb found a similar dependence of electrical force on distance. 2. That the study of Brownian motion can lead to a determination of the mass of a molecule is not astonishing. 3. When pressures are given in atmospheres, standard atmosphere of 760 mm of mercury is implied. 4. Spectroscopic measurements show that atomic radiation contains a series of sharp frequencies called spectrum lines. 5. The most important property of electromagnetic waves is that they convey energy. 6. Shadows are formed when solid bodies intercept the rays of light from a source. 7. When a particle moves around a circle with uniform velocity the to and from motion of its projection on any diameter is called a simple harmonic motion. 8. Light quanta differ from every wavelength, whereas quanta of electricity are always the same.


1. Whether other substances but uranium possessed the property of emitting radiations was of great interest to scientists. 2. The problem which greatly interested the scientists was whether other elements besides uranium possessed the property of emitting radiation. 3. That water boils when sufficiently heated is well known to everybody. 4. What we call radioactivity is the property of emitting radiation possessed by some substances. 5. Whether radium radiations were more active than pitch blend from which it was obtained was not known at first. 6. A very important problem confronting our scientist is how thermonuclear reactions can be controlled.

7. How the Curies discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity is well-known fast.


1. The presence of bacteria most process waters contain may load to the formation of slime with consequent slime spots in the paper which chemicals and water successfully remove. 2. The quality of the paper is determined to a great extent by the quality of the water and in particular, the colour of paper is seriously affected by the coloured impurities in the water the fibers are washed in during the pulping process. 3. The cosmic rays which originate in the depths of the universe spend many millions of years in flight almost at the speed of light before they arrive at our planet. 4. Ionization by X-rays generally involves one of the inner electrons. 5. Thomas Edison’s invention of electric light bulb was the most momentous development of all because it led to the creation of an electric power system which has since reached into nearly every corner of the world. 6. The application of electricity has grown to the point where most of us lead “electrified lives”, surrounded by a variety of devices that use electric energy.


1. Kirchhoff showed that bodies which are good radiators of a given colour when hot, are also good absorbers of the same radiation when cold. 2. The ideal gas law is valid only at low pressures where the distance between the molecules is so large that a molecule is effectively a mass point and the forces acting between molecules can be neglected. 3. The second law of the thermodynamics deals with the question in which way any physical or chemical process involving energy changes takes place. 4. Any object when it is viewed by reflected light, will appear to have some definite colour if it reflects that colour well and other extremely poor. 5. For telescope or a microscope the resolving power is indicated by the minimum separation of two objects for which they appear distinct and separate when viewed through the instrument.


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