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  1. Radio waves. Propagation.

I think it is impossible to imagine our life without radio and TV. Radio and TV are widely used in today’s world. It is the quickest means of spreading news and the information. Radio plays an important role in reflecting the life of society and building opinions. It performs the service of information well enough but on TV everything is much more real. Radio and TV keep us informed about current events, extend the education, provide the cultural recreation, allow us to follow the latest developments in science and politics and offer an endless number of programmers which are both instructive and entertaining. So they give us a lot of useful information and are exciting.

When I come home from school I turn on the radio, leave it on and go about my household duties. So I am actually doing two things at one and the same time. The best radio station for me is Europa Plus and Radio Maximum. I watch TV at the evening when all the lessons I have done. I prefer to see news programs such as: ”Vesty” and ” The Time”. Sometimes we can watch rather interesting films at TV. There are different kinds of films, for instance: a nature film, a war film, a crime film, a travelogue, an adventure film, a musical film and comic film. As for me I prefer to see comic and crime films.

My favorite channel is the “6th channel”. There are many interesting programs for me like “The world of computer”, “Farcop”, “News” “Show-Business” and others. I like this program because there are not so many advertisement. Also every weekend there are three films which are popular all over the world. So the “6th Channel” program is my favorite one because it satisfy my different interests in the best way. As for me my favourit radio station is “Europa plus”. It broadcasts many programs, for instance: “Press-Digest”, “Prezent”, “Garage”, “News” and others. Also there are a lot of programs where everyone can win something. It satisfies my interests in the best way. Sometimes when I came home from school I turn on the radio and leave it on and go about my household duties. So the best radio for me is “Europa Plus” and I like to listen to it.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Said. I have been named after my father and I am very happy about it. I was born on April 7, 1994 in Dushanbe. I descend from the family of the office-workers. I am an only child in the family. I am a student at the Tajik State Pedagogical University. That is why I have to study twice as hard as an ordinary student. I do not only do my best at university, I take a preparatory course at the University. The course lasts for six months. We have lectures and seminars four times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I come to the University at 8 a.m. and leave it at 14 p.m. The lectures on English, literature, social sciences and history are given in the lecture-rooms. The seminars are held in small groups in the class-rooms. We have classes of English too. During our English classes we read and translate texts, discuss books, listen to the tape-recorder. At the University we learn a lot of useful and interesting things. But most of all I like the subject of my future profession. I am always very busy, but when I am free I like to read books. My favorite writer is Ernest Hemingway. I like to go to the museums and art galleries. My favorite painter is Rembrandt van Rijn. I have a lot of friends. But my best friend is Hasan. I like to travel. University for me was not only lessons and learning, I had a lot of friends there. We organize extra class activities, such as parties and other social activities. I actively participate in most of them. I am sociable, so I have got a lot of friends among my classmates. As for me I appreciate people’s honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence. I don’t like when people are rude and aggressive.

I am stubborn at times, but to my mind being persistent is not always a bad thing. I never leave things half done. At times I feel dissatisfied with myself, especially when I fail to do something or can’t do things the way they should be done. At the same time I think I am hard-worker and diligent.


English people like to invite their friends to have tea with them.

On a certain day, perhaps once a month, the house is made very clean and fresh flowers are put in the rooms. Children are told not to leave their things about, and they are sent to their own room.

The guests arrive and soon the sitting-room is full of people, all talking. They talk about their homes, their families, their friends, clothes, the cost of things in the shops; they tell each other about their holiday plans, the plays, films and TV programs they have seen, and sometimes about the things that other people have said and done. The conversation never stops.

Then tea is brought in. In England making tea is a very serious matter. This is how it is done. Fresh water is poured into the kettle and when it is hot, a little is put in the tea-pot to warm it. The tea-pot is then dried and the tea put in – one spoonful for each person and one 'for the pot'. When the water is quite boiling, it is poured on to the tea and then the tea-pot must stand in в warm place for four or five minutes before it is ready.

Tea must be poured as carefully as it is made. Some people like to have milk in the cup first and then tea, others like to put tea in first and then add milk, while others say they cannot see much difference. Some people do not take milk in their tea at all. When you are pouring tea, you should ask each person what he or she prefers. Mine people don't like sugar in their tea, others like one, two or three lumps.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away," says an English proverb. Apples are good things, of course, but if you don't take care of your health, doctors will have to do it for you. To study well you should be in good health, and the health of school students is very important in our country. The school-doctor is a usual figure about the place, and she always has a nurse to help her. The doctor has her consulting-room in the school building, and every pupil has a medical inspection twice a year, at the beginning and at the end. There are other examinations from time to time during the year. The doctor or nurse often organizes circles in hygiene and first aid after school, and usually has a group of pupils who act as propagandists for good health habits. They often publish a wall newspaper, too.

The doctor and nurse inspect the school premises for cleanliness, and may go into the school kitchen to see that the food is prepared under hygienic conditions.

They also attend teachers' meetings from time to time and give talks to the parents on various health topics.

Did you know all that? And here is an Arabian proverb about health: "He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything."


Every country has its own customs and traditions. English people are proud of their traditions and they keep them up.

It is difficult to speak about England without speaking about its holidays. Christmas Day is among them.

All English people celebrate Christmas (or X-mas) on the 25th of December.

Christmas! What kind of holiday is it? It is the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls on December 25 by the Catholic Church and on the 7th of January by the Orthodox Church. This holiday means the beginning of the New Year and the new life. English people cele­brate this holiday with the evergreen tree — Christmas tree. Children rut along sock, called a Christmas stocking at the end of their beds and Santa Claus conies down the chimney to bring them presents.

Christmas Day is the greatest holiday in England. It is interesting to visit the shops before this holiday. There are a lot of nice Christmas cards and presents there. English people like this holiday very much and prepare for it beforehand. They buy presents for each other; try to send Christmas cards for their relatives and friends.

It is interesting to visit London during this holiday. There is a Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. We can see many lights, toys and sweets all over this tree. Everywhere you can see slogans "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

The traditional English dinner on Christmas is turkey and pudding.


The Lumiere brothers made their first film in 1895. This film was demonstrated in one famous cafe in Paris.

The first films were silent and short, but they were popular among people.

The USA was the leader in the produc­tion of films. The first sound film appeared in 1927. Soon colored films appeared.

n England the cinema is usually called 'the pictures'. The American name, 'the movies', is sometimes used. The performance, or 'show', as it is called, begins about two o'clock in the afternoon, and goes on until about half past ten. There are usually one main film, a shorter one, a news film, some advertisements and a 'trailer' telling about the film for the next week. A person may enter at any moment in the program and stay as long as he likes.
Cinema-going is a favorite pastime in Britain. People go to the pictures once or twice a week. Cinema-going is more popular in industrial towns in the North of England and Scotland than in the-South.

However, especially if it is cold and wet outside, many people, like to stay at home to watch TV. Cinemas in England are usually large and more comfortable than the theatres. Often there is a restaurant, so that it is possible to spend an afternoon and evening there (if you have enough money, of course). Behind the cinema screen there is a stage, so that the building can be used for concerts and other performances. In some towns in Britain the cinemas are closed on Sundays. British cinema-goers see mainly English and American films, though many of foreign films are often shown in London and in the South of the country.

Young cinema-goers enjoy historical films, films about crime stories and comedies. Children enjoy 'cowboy' films, or 'westerns', as they are called, but when they grow older they do not enjoy them so much because they find that they are all very much alike.

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