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All kinds of sports and games are cultivated in our country as well as in England, the USA and other countries of the world. Tennis, hockey, volley-ball and football have become very popular in Russia. Football is my favorite sport. The term “football” is understood differently in the US and Britain. For a British “football” is the same as what is known to be “футбол” in our country.

For an American “football” means “rugby”, while the game usually played here in Russia is known as “soccer”. Soccer is played by two teams, equal in number, each consisting of eleven players. Tills is, properly speaking, genuine football, the ball being driven only by the feet. The eleven players take up their position on the field. The center forward stands at the center. On the right are the inside right and the outside right, on the left are the inside left and the outside left. The three half-backs are stationed behind the forward line.

The goal is protected by the right back, the left back and the goalkeeper. No handling is allowed except by the goalkeeper. Excellent technique, flexible modern tactics and good teamwork are characteristic features of modem football.





My name is Bonu. I’m twenty years old. I study at the University. By nature, I’m very sociable and friendly. That’s why I have lots of good friends in my class and near the place where I live. But among all my friends there is one person who I consider to be my best friend. She lives in the same block of flats as me and we study in the same class. Her name is Lola. She is also twenty. We try to sit together during all the lessons, but some teachers don’t allow us to. It’s because when we sit together we are too chatty. We always have a lot to talk about. By appearance Lola is a tall girl with long dark hair and with brown eyes. She is very beautiful and stylish. She always wears nice clothes and many other girls from our class try to copy her. By character Lola is very friendly and kind. One of the best qualities I like about her is the fact that she can keep secrets, so she is reliable. And one of the worst things is that she is not always punctual. When we arrange to meet after school I always arrive on time, but Lola is sometimes late. I think it’s because she’ is sometimes absent-minded. But I never get mad at her, because in general she is a very positive person. She also sometimes helps me with Russian, as I’m not very good at this subject. And, in my turn, I help her with English and Literature. These are my favorite subjects. Besides spending time together at school, I spend lots of time with Lola after school and at weekends. We like shopping for clothes, jewelry and accessories at the nearest mall. We also like going for a walk in the city center, especially when there are certain celebrations.


Hello, my name is Shuhrat. I’m nineteen years old. I have a very good friend, who is also my classmate. His name is Ma’ruf. I think it’s very important to have good friends, as they are a vital part of our life. For me such important person is Ma’ruf. We both live in the same block of flats. I live on the 5th floor and he lives on the 7th. Our parents are also friends. We always visit each other on special occasions. I think me and Ma’ruf get on well because we have almost the same interests. For example, we are both fans of football. We like both watching and playing football. We often play against other schools and the teams from other districts. Ma’ruf is a great goalkeeper. I think he should be taking part in professional football. We also both enjoy playing computer games, so when we get a new game we always share with each other or simply play together. Another mutual interest we have is bowling. As we both like this pastime, our parents sometimes take us to the local bowling club. Opposed to having similar interests we also have some differences, but it doesn’t influence our friendship. For example, I’m quite good at English and History, whereas Ma’ruf isn’t. So, when we have a difficult homework at these subjects, I always help him out. The subjects I’m bad at are Literature and Pedagogy, whereas Ma’ruf is really good at them. So, when I need help with these subjects he helps me out. In other words, Ma’ruf is always there for me and I’m glad to have such a reliable and trustworthy friend.

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