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Now let’s move on to product description

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Short product descriptions are often found in catalogues.

Technical product descriptions are normally written in bullet points.

The text focuses on technical details that are important for the reader.

GVC home movie system.

- Digital miniDV camcorder with nylon carrier and 60-minute cassette

- 6.4 cm LCD colour monitor

- 700x digital zoom and digital colour night scope for colour pictures in the dark

- Long- play function and digital picture stabilizer.

Product descriptions for cosmetic products focus more on colour, smell or taste, and how you will feel when you use the product.

Bianca toothpaste

Wake up with Bianca!Bianca toothpaste is made of a refreshing mixture of peppermint and eucalyptus, leaving your mouth clean, fresh and ready to start the day

Presentation of a product

Some tips for you

Any product has its unique selling point or points which bring the product to the public’s attention. When you present a product give information about its features or characteristics, emphasize the benefits or advantages of the product. While presenting a product specify:

- Appearance

- Benefits

- Price

- Special features:

New Desktop Videophone

It’s small and elegant and ideal for the office or for the home or for business trips.

It is easy to set up. All you need is a touch-tone phone. You don’t need a computer or any special software. It’s also very easy to use.

The Desktop Videophone has many features. Firstly, it has full-colour motion video which means you can see the other person’s gestures and changes of expression.

The picture quality is excellent and the adjustable picture setting means you can change to sharp mode to get a fantastically clear image. This, of course, is just ideal for viewing designs or documents. The audio quality is exactly the same as a normal telephone call.

In addition, the Desktop Videophone also has a preview mode so that you can check what you look like before the other person sees you! And finally, the privacy mode is an important feature. You can use it to block the image but keep voice connection.

Multi-lingual Interpreter

It is an electronic interpreter is fluent in 7 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Swedish) with a working knowledge of over 30,000 words in each language. It includes an automatic spelling correction so you can input foreign words phonetically, a 30-entry name/address databank, full function calculator, metric and currency converters and word games.

Batteries supplied.

7-language translator costs $49.95.

To describe products you may need the following words:

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