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Apparel Production

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Production is all the steps a garment goes through after it leaves the apparel designer or design stylist until it becomes a finished garment. Most manufacturing companies are divided into divisions or sections. Usually each division is responsible for a line of clothes. A line is a group of clothes that are similar to one another. For example a company may have a sportswear line or an evening wear line.

Each division is like a small company. It employs designers and design stylists. There are also merchandise managers, market managers, and product managers.

One of the most exiting jobs is that of a product manager. This person manages a type of garment within a line. The task of a product manager is to make sure that all production stages have been planned and carried out so that the products are ready at the right time to be delivered to retail stores.

Above all else, a product manager must have good sense and a stormy practical bent. Designers provide creative ideas to product managers, but product managers must make them work for the manufacturer.

Product managers need to watch trends as much as designers do. Some product managers also work as design stylists in some companies. In other companies, design stylists work for product managers. They must know the latest events in the fashion world, must read fashion magazines, attend shows, and see generally up to date on what will be sold.

The next step is to position the line. This means that a production manager should make decisions about how the producing garment fits in with the rest items of clothes industry. It is necessary to be sure that the company’s garments will compete successfully with most other companies’ product in both style and price.

The colour story should be considered then. The colour story is even more important than ever today. This is because so many people buy separates and try to coordinate them with clothes they’ve already worn or plan to buy.

Finally, a production manager has to develop a time. Garments have delivery dates. Often, the dates depend upon a season or sometimes on an event. All the stages of production should be planned so the garments are ready on time. The development and production of a product line take about one year.

III Make up a plan of the text.

IV Translate the paragraphs in italics in a written form.

V Questions for discussion:

1. What is production?

2. When does a dress become a finished garment?

3. How are manufacturing firms divided?

4. What is a line of products?

5. Why is each division considered to be like a small company?

6. Why is a job of product manager the most exciting?

7. What does product manager do?

8. Who can also work for product managers?

9. What must design stylists be aware of?

10. What does “to position a line” mean?



I Mind the following words and word-combinations:

1. to strive for – прагнути до чогось

2. non-verbal communication skills – навики невербального спілкування

3. fashion forecasting – передбачення моди

4. to negotiate – вести переговори, обговорювати

5. a market researcher – дослідник ринка

6. abreast – поруч

7. intended – який намагається


II Listen to the text ‘Career Information’ and be ready to answer the questions:

1. What skills should one possess to work in the field of apparel design and production?

2. What specialists work in these areas?



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