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Put Your Wardrobe to the Test: What Stays and What Goes

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With the change of a season comes the change of wardrobe. You buy new clothes and get rid of others. Quite often, organising your wardrobe can be like organising your mind, a relaxing tonic.

Have a look at what really suits you and what doesn’t. The rest you can just chuck. You have to clear out the wardrobe in summer to know what to buy in autumn.

Colours. Choose neutral colours so that you can get the best possible use out of them, and go for a more daring garment that can also be used as eveningwear. You’ll find it in the last box in your wardrobe, and if it’s not… well, you know what to add to your shopping list.

Whenever you’re tidying your wardrobe you tend to notice what the dominant colours are. In some cases, it’s brown, so combine it with accessories in stronger colours: red, fuchsia, yellow… It gives brilliant results. Analyse yours to get ideas for accessories.

To continue with this organisation therapy, you’ll have to go step by step. Clear your bed and get ready. If you’re holding onto any clothes in the hopes that they will fit you sometime, put those somewhere out of sight.

As for all those clothes you bought a few years ago because they were bang on trend, but you no longer wear and are no longer fashionable, you can keep those, but not in your wardrobe, box them up. You never know.

Go over the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year: a dress, a skirt, some trousers… Try them on and see why that is. Exactly, you just can’t see it anymore! Get rid of those items.

Dresses for parties, weddings, events… try to look ahead. Will they still do you? How many weddings have you worn the same dress to? How many events are there in your diary? It might be best to invest in one or two items you can combine, rather than keep an outfit that is too dressy, and which, as the years go by, doesn’t suit you as much …

Any clothes you like and can wear, should be kept. Make sure they are well ironed and on their own hangers, and sort the wardrobe according to type of garment: shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, skirts. The wardrobe is being streamlined. You’re doing a great job.

If everything is tidy, you’ll find it easier to know what to wear every day. You will find the different colours straight away and you’ll vary outfits more often. There is one problem: if you suddenly find five pairs of blue jeans, try not to buy any more, although I know it’s a habit that’s hard to kick.


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