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Five Key Wardrobe Investments for This Autumn-winter

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One of the key questions we all ask ourselves at the start of the season is: what will be this year? Key pieces are the most intelligent and effective way to answer this question: basic investments we can use to build up our new wardrobe.

A lack of order when shopping only makes us spend more and, just as with everything else, we can’t put the cart before the horse. So, the best way to get on track this autumn-winter is figuring out which must-have items will be our starting point. Later, we can complete this with less timeless fancies.

There are five proposals for you: white shirts, classic cut coats, cardigans, ladylike dresses and biker jackets.

White shirts are included in the category of clothing items that never go out of fashion and can be used in any context and at any time of year. They are just as good for work, as for parties or special events.

Cardigans do not stick to fleeting fashion or trends that disappear overnight. They can be short, long, with buttons or a knotted belt… This year, country styles will be the most popular.

Coats, in all their forms, are another safe bet for any winter wardrobe. Corduroy military trench coats or oversize masculine coats can be preferences this year.



Loading ...The Waistcoat: the most versatile garment this winter

In recent seasons there has been one garment that has stood out from the rest: the waistcoat. It has now been going strong for two or three years, and this winter it remains an essential item in every wardrobe.

The waistcoat will revamp any style, whether intentionally or not, because it is a very special garment: it’s not a coat or a jacket, neither is it a shirt, but it has touches of all of these.

The matching colour is clearly black. It is the most elegant choice and will look great with any combination of garments. If you opt for other colours, go for the dullest shade that is closest to black.

In terms of the finish, this depends on the taste of the wearer. Shiny or matte? When deciding what to wear with a waistcoat, it will depend on the occasion and the context, but a combination that never fails is black and white, mixing a plain white T-shirt and a black waistcoat.

To finish off this stylish look, black skinny-fit trousers are the best option in combination with the waistcoat, not forgetting just the right belt and, if possible, adding a Fedora hat.

As for shoes, either go for something informal with a rock chick feel, where

The waistcoat is an ideal garment for night-time parties or going out, as it has an informal feel that fits into almost any setting, while at the same time providing a touch of elegance, making sure you don’t look like you just grabbed the first thing that came to hand in the wardrobe.

If there is a setting in which the waistcoat really comes into its own it’s at a concert, as its rock chick feel and the modern look it achieves mean it is a garment that always hits the mark.

Buying a garment like this provides a great wardrobe essential and enables us to be prepared for any occasion thanks to its versatility. It costs very little, but offers endless possibilities.



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